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LoveFilm DVD service closed by Amazon

  Anon-340945 14:46 14 Aug 2017

Anyone else on the Forum use LoveFilm and upset by its closure at the end of October?

I have Amazon Prime, and even adding Netflix won't replicate the huge range of movie and TV content available on LoveFilm.

Online download services very much weaker than the old DVD postal-rental.

  Anon-2421508 17:38 14 Aug 2017

I moved to Cinema Paradiso when Amazon bought LF. Good service; wide selection of titles, especially foreign and arthouse stuff, if that is your taste.

  Anon-338298 18:40 14 Aug 2017

"I have Amazon Prime"

Me, too, and I hardly have time to watch the stuff we record or watch on demand from Terrestrial TV channels, Amazon, and SKY.

I had a brief affair with Love Film about five years ago, but like so many affairs it didn't last. To be honest, I didn't know it was still going.

The world is being swamped with entertainment content - much of it is absolute dross.

  Anon-302934 20:19 14 Aug 2017

I'm beginning to think that I must be unusual in having enough to watch on Freeview with catchup.

Compared to the old 3 channel days, I've never had it so good.

  Anon-186823 21:00 14 Aug 2017

Charity shops have seemingly 'struck gold' with the steady supply of unwanted DVDs and CDs that now get donated ... long may it continue.

  Anon-2421521 22:34 14 Aug 2017

Although not perfect , LOVEFiLM provided a good service with a great range just not available on streaming. Netflix is very poor.

  Anon-340945 10:30 27 Aug 2017

We're trying out an alternative to LoveFilm, Cinema Paradiso. Anyone else use this?

  Anon-2432433 11:14 27 Aug 2017

It looks quite good and I like the option to cancel if I want rather than be stuck into a long contract. The range of dvd's look OK and if the can deliver (pun) the titles required we might give them a go. We tend to visit the cinema 3 or 4 times a month and this could supplement some obscure ones we have missed.

  Anon-338298 22:32 27 Aug 2017

"Cinema Paradiso. Anyone else use this?"

Yes, we started a free trial last week, because my wife read a good review. With a catalogue of 90,000 films it looks promising.

  Anon-302934 08:46 28 Aug 2017

That seems like a strange old tech decision for a high tech household FE!

  Anon-338298 09:25 28 Aug 2017


My wife is a big fan of foreign films, and Cinema Paradiso has a fine selection. Sometimes, low-tech has its uses, as lots of Cinema paradiso fans have discovered.

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