Love thy neighbour however bizarre

  bumpkin 21:00 15 May 2014

I get on well with my heighbours generally although I don't really see much of them to become friendly with but I was amazed by this outburst this afternoon while I was out in my front garden. Trying to explain, I live on a corner of a private road which has two frontages, one is mine and the other huge one belongs to the local Authority although everyone thinks it is mine including the Local Authority when it needs maintaining.

Back to the point, the neighbour pulled up in his car and said quote "You have an estate agents board on your land are you being paid for this, my wife has broken it off twice and next time I will throw it in the ditch and burn it"

I replied that that was a bit extreme and that I would call the agent and ask them to remove it if it was bothering him "I am an extreme person he said as he drove off"

  lotvic 21:13 15 May 2014

Well that sounds mighty peculiar. Can you explain a bit more about the Estate Agents board on your land? Are you selling up? How come the Estate Agent has replaced the board twice already? didn't they want to know how it had become damaged?

Your extreme neighbour seems to be married to a trespassing vandal ;)

  bumpkin 21:48 15 May 2014

lotvic, lets get this clear it is not my land to start with, it is not on my deeds despite what anyone else may think. I don't give a toss about the estate agents board as it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I will phone them and ask them to remove if it will appease the psychopath.

  [DELETED] 22:05 15 May 2014

bumpkin, tell your neighbour that it is not your land.

  bumpkin 22:36 15 May 2014

rdave "bumpkin, tell your neighbour that it is not your land." don't you think that I have tried that, may as well bang my head on a brickwall, this has been going on for years as to who owns it.

Woolwell, you seem to be missing the point which is that it has nothing to do with me. If agents want to put up signs, let them sort the legalities.

  carver 22:43 15 May 2014

bumpkin if nobody can agree who owns it may I suggest that you claim it for yourself.

Put a fence round it and maintain it, after so many years it would be yours. enter link description here

  bumpkin 23:13 15 May 2014

carver, thanks for the suggestion and I have known people that have done this to their advantage. I have no wish to acquire a 5m x 50m bit of roadside verge when I can do nothing with it other than become responsible for its maintenance. this is not a bit of land that everyone wants but a bit of land that nobody wants, but it is not mine anyway, if not on my deeds I don't own it but try telling that to neighbours that without any knowledge have decided it is.

  [DELETED] 23:26 15 May 2014

Inform your council that you are being harassed locally about the plot of land that they own. Make a complaint fromally, as a rate payer , and for them to sort it out with the estate agency. If you can keep the sign, before bruce the bully neighbour burns it, then the better. Plop it on your local council office desk. Then talk politely for them to do something about it.

Please, goes a long way.

Wish you luck. Seems a bit of a problem that if you don't nip it at the bud now it will get worse later on.

  bumpkin 23:41 15 May 2014

Thanks rdave, "If you can keep the sign, before bruce the bully neighbour burns it, then the better"

I am not selling my property so why would I wish to keep it, in fact there are no houses for sale in this road it is just an advertising thing. I will be reasonable and ask the agent to remove it but if "Bruce" wants to burn it so be it, what does it matter to me.

  [DELETED] 23:52 15 May 2014

bumpkin, you miss-read my post. It does not matter what the estate agent was selling or advertising. Your neighbours are agitated thinking the land was yours. Inform the Council what is going on and that the local estate agency are taking 'full' advantage of this confusion on the land's ownership, so they get 'free' publicity.

Sort it out with your Council.

  morddwyd 09:22 16 May 2014

If, as you say, it is nothing to do with you, why are you bothered if he burns it or not?

Just tell him to go ahead, that is if you need to respond at all.

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