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Louise Mensch Quits Politics

  oresome 11:18 06 Aug 2012

Love her or loath her, I think it's a sad day for politics.

We need a better balance of women in Parliament and the hours and workload need to accomodate their family responsibilities.

  Cymro. 11:41 06 Aug 2012 At least we will now all know who she is.

  spuds 09:45 07 Aug 2012

Is it really all that important that a politician resigns through 'family reasons'.

Long distance travel between countries is far easier nowadays, and perhaps people like Simon Cowell and other celebrities will say this, because they may do it on a very regular basis. But it doesn't always hold a marriage or family life together.

Whatever the case, it would be interesting to see how the electorate vote, and what sort of turn-out it will be. Corby as had some right knocks over the years, employment wise. But taking politics in general, I suppose it will be another case of Wait and See?.

  wee eddie 10:14 07 Aug 2012

Perhaps she wouldn't have been under such family stress if she had not been writing a book at the same time!

I believe that such behaviour, not the 'wanting to spend more time with your family' bit, but starting a 'high profile' job and not finishing it, puts the position of women in Parliament back a few years.

A great shame.

  rickf 10:45 07 Aug 2012

She is married to the most famous metal band Metallica's mamnager who lives in New York and being apart from each other regularly may be taking a toll on their relationship

  Strawballs 13:13 08 Aug 2012

The silly symbol would have been a lot easier and quicker (now who being cynical)

  Condom 00:46 09 Aug 2012

Well I can't say that I am surprised and I also don't for a second believe the "I'm doing it for my family" reasons. Ever since she made a fool of herself in the select committee, stopping the questioning of the Murdochs so she could leave early to pick up her children from school, and then being associated with the minority report, I thought her days were numbered. I think she finally realised how foolish she looked and a 40 year old that has already had a facelift can't afford many gaffs like that, even in the Conservative party ;-) and my silly symbol is just to show I'm not joking.

  Forum Editor 08:24 09 Aug 2012

"Wants to spend more time with the family,nudge nudge wink wink. Oh I am such a cynic."

Perhaps you are, but no matter. Louise is an example of the kind of woman that can do a lot of good and a lot of harm at the same time as far as politics are concerned. She's very clever, and that makes her departure a loss to her party, whether they acknowledge the fact or not. Her constituents may not feel the same way however.

Since being elected as MP for Corby Louise hasn't exactly distinguished herself as a tireless champion of the people of the town; she's been criticised for spending too much time raising her profile attending book signings and commuting to and from New York. Her husband's presence there had undoubtedly put a strain on the marriage, and I'm sure that's largely the reason for her resignation.

The fact that she has launched #menshn a rival to Twitter in the States may be in the mix as well.

Either way, we'll hear more of Louise as time goes by.

  Strawballs 10:56 09 Aug 2012

FE She sounds like a typical Tory

  Forum Editor 12:13 09 Aug 2012


"FE She sounds like a typical Tory"

That sounds like a typical sweeping generalisation.

  Strawballs 12:46 09 Aug 2012

Yes it is a sweeping generalisation but if the hat fits!!

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