Lottery winner and unclaimed £64m

  Ex plorer 10:43 06 Dec 2012

To be honest it was the first I had heard of the missing euro ticket on the news on Tuesday TV.

The 180 days were up at 11pm on Wednesday 5th December the winner losing out on £64+ million.

Now it goes to charity that's fine, but I think ten percent should be held back after the 180 days until a year has past in case its claimed.

If unclaimed after the year it should go to start of Children in need program if and when ever money is unclaimed.

So what would you like to see happen or do you think its fair?

  Forum Editor 11:06 06 Dec 2012

The Lottery rules are very clear, and the organisers have no power to alter them. I imagine the ticket was lost,or thrown away in error.

I know someone who won £4.5 million on the lottery with a single lucky dip ticket bought at a motorway service station - it was the first ticket he ever bought.

  spuds 11:20 06 Dec 2012

The organiser's of the National Lottery are very strict regarding the rule book, and they allow virtually no allowances for errors.

I don't know how the rule applies now, but I once purchased a Lotto ticket, which I noticed was incorrect on my return home. Going back to the retailer about two hours later, I was informed that no corrections could be made, even though the error was on the retailers side (poor print-out of ticket). Taking this up with the organisers, I was merely pointed in the direction of the rule book, basically they didn't want to know, or it seemed that it their response.

So to be absolutely sure, get the rule book, and spend a few hours deciphering it :O)

  Phil Ocifer 11:28 06 Dec 2012

I've checked, and rather unfortunately it wasn't me.

In fact, it couldn't ever have been me as I've never visited that town.

Yes, all the rules and regulations are there to stop fraud. Could you imagine, if there were any loop holes don't you think they would have been exploited?

Perhaps the Lotto Rule Book writers should work in the Mocrosoft Windows Development department . . . . . ????? :)

  kad60 16:35 06 Dec 2012

On one occasion i discovered a ticket i had used as a bookmark that had been 2 weeks overdue,nothing won anyway,so if this person discovers this ticket tomorrow..what a tragedy.

  Blackhat 16:38 06 Dec 2012

With the number of tickets sold in the UK I imagine that there are quite a few who pass away between purchase & draw. How many relatives check every nook & cranny for lottery tickets of the deceased? Also large on line wins can only be confirmed with account log on details!

If a close relative passes away do you have any way of checking their on line lottery tickets, having said that I don’t know the rules on inheritance of unclaimed lottery winnings.

  morddwyd 19:59 06 Dec 2012

"do you think its fair?"

Of course I think it's fair.

Only an idiot takes part in a draw they think is unfair.

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