Lost deposits

  Algerian peter ™ 09:01 30 Nov 2012

So. Did the Conservitive and Liberal Democrat party lose there deposit in all 3 by elections last night?

From what I have seen. The labour party won all 3 even in Rotherham with the UKIP party coming second in all 3.

  interzone55 09:16 30 Nov 2012

Lib Dems lost their deposit in Rotherham and Croydon North, the Tories managed >5% in all three by-elections.

  spuds 10:46 30 Nov 2012

Will it make much difference, because no matter what the outcome, the end results will not change. We will still have political party's arguing about what is right and what is wrong, then do very little about it.

I feel more sorry for an 'independent' candidate who as lost their deposit, and whose heart and thoughts of other less mortals was more likely in the right place.

  interzone55 14:55 30 Nov 2012


It does matter, because in Rotherham the Lib Dems were 8th, after UKIP, BNP, Respect and others.

I think the Lib Dems will come to regret their pact with the Tories as it's pretty much put paid to them ever having real power

  Algerian peter ™ 15:19 30 Nov 2012


I wonder how long it will be before Nick Clegg is replaced or the party re-invents itself as a different named political party.

  spuds 16:05 30 Nov 2012


Where I live there is a very strong tendency to vote Labour, but a couple of elections back, people decided to give another party the council leadership. Lib Dems had to form a coalition with the Conservatives, and due to the in-power fighting and the lessons learnt from that, there is only one Lib Dem and one Conservative on the council now.

The irony of that, what the one who is now Lib Dem was once a fully paid member to the Conservative, until the Conservatives kicked him out for not toeing the party line.

Labour as now returned back to the strong-hold, but with the low voting turn-outs, it probably is an indicator that people are totally fed-up with British Politics, I know for sure I am.

The other indicator in my area is the increase of 'Independents' fighting for a belief or cause (bit like WTM perhaps?) who haven't very much chance, because of the major party's tactics, not only among themselves, but to others as well. Whoever of the three major party's are elected, none seem to have control of situations when called to do so.

Algerian peter may well have a valid point about name change, but it still leaves the voter confused and eventually disappointed.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:05 30 Nov 2012

The other indicator in my area is the increase of 'Independents' fighting for a belief or cause (bit like WTM perhaps?) who haven't very much chance, because of the major party's tactics, not only among themselves, but to others as well

I believe that there ought to come a time in every man and womans life when they should stand up and be counted for what they believe in. If for no other reason than their own self worth.

I'm not for one moment suggesting that everyone do as I did. Many people have been dissatisfied enough with something to say 'someone ought to do something about XXX'. Well I decided that I would try to be that someone. I didn't get very far. Truthfully I didnt expect to get very far either. But I did give it my very best shot, and learned some valuable things in the process. I can also say that I may just try again next time. It's a david Vs goliath contest, and the smart money is always on goliath. But every very rare now and again david lands a lucky shot. I'm watching how things go at the moment, but if I do decide to stand again, I will announce it here (FE willing, as there isnt supposed to be partisan politics in this forum)

I also now have a far greater empathy with other independant candidates, whatever their political leanings.

As for losing the deposits, well for me it was £500. Not a descision I took lightly, as it was money earmarked for a new boiler, and we had to put up with emptying a bucket under the old boiler for 2 years after the election until I finally had the money for a new one.

One thing I do feel safe in predicting is that the next few years will see rising numbers of dissatisfaction leading to people wanting to change things. I can only hope that this is by the ballot box rather than other, more unacceptable methods.


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