Loose part in a car door

  johndrew 16:43 03 Dec 2007

The subject is the front off-side (drivers) door on a 1999 Rover 200 (1.4 8 valve) 4 door version. The problem is a part found loose inside the door for which I cannot find a location.

There was a lot of rattling within the door and when I removed the door trim panel I found a loose bolt which came from the window glass channel retainer and an `H` section plastic piece which looks as if it should fit on a panel or metal edge one side and contact/support something (a rod?) on the other. If I knew how to post a photograph of it I would do so.

Can anyone provide any clues as to where it may belong or the location of a breakdown diagram which may help identify its original location.

I have searched (to the best of my ability) to no avail and the Haines manual does not help in this instance.

I have seen some excellent detective work in these forums; hopefully it will help me.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  postie24 18:22 03 Dec 2007

Use image shack to upload your photo on to here.
Then maybe someone one might be able to help you.

click here

  Bingalau 19:30 03 Dec 2007

johndrew. If you haven't got a photo of it you could even scan it and then upload that,(as above link) or send it some way or other. I think there are a few car techies on here, you might just be lucky enough to contact one who will know where the bits come from.

  johndrew 20:53 03 Dec 2007

The fun I`ve had trying to do this is manic!!

If I`ve done it correctly there should be two images, one plan one end view. The material was wrongly identified before, it is hard rubber not plastic.

click here
click here

  dagbladet 21:01 03 Dec 2007


If nobody can help from the photo, maybe you could remove the trim from the other door and compare them.

  mammak 21:08 03 Dec 2007

This may or may not help my partner has had a look and he seems to thing it is a part of the guider that controls the door window going up and down (if that is the right explanation)I hope this might point you in the right direction with your problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 03 Dec 2007

click here

not a rover but the principle is the same the photos may help you identify the parts

is it 1 or 2 parts in your photos
One looks like a glass support on the lifting arm the other looks like a clip that fstens on the lock and release levers

  johndrew 09:12 04 Dec 2007

Thanks for responding everyone.

A good idea but for the moment it must remain on hold as the clips that retain the trim are quite fragile and I have to source replacements already.

I make sense as the loose bolt which dropped out came from the lower retention point for the guide. Problem is finding exactly where in the assembly it came from.

Fruit Bat /\0/\
Good try, but I need more detail. An assembly drawing or diagram would be the best bet I think but to date I have not been able to locate one.

  Stuartli 15:19 04 Dec 2007

Try your local library for the Haynes manual for the model; it will carry a full diagram of the window mechanism.

  johndrew 15:55 04 Dec 2007

Unfortunately not. I have my own copy and the detail is quite scant as are the words on the subject. Thanks anyway.

  Stuartli 20:36 04 Dec 2007

My Haynes Golf/Bora manual has a full diagram and photos of the mechanism.

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