Loophole in Labours Benefit System

  jakimo 17:50 14 Feb 2011

resulting in tax payers money being poured year after year into illegals pockets,and Brown apparently did nothing about it.
Its of no surprise that they will risk life and limb to get to the UK.
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  sunnystaines 18:07 14 Feb 2011

i cannot understand why none of the parties lab/lib/con will not get a grip of the money wasted on illegal immigration and overstayers and have a massive clear out.it would save millions much more than the cost.

  peter99co 18:35 14 Feb 2011

Look at the human rights act and you may get a clue why we make little progress.

  Forum Editor 19:43 14 Feb 2011

Getting a grip on money handed out to illegal immigrants is really tackling the wrong problem. What we need to do is get a grip on how to stop illegal immigration in the first place.

That's easy to say, but I know for a fact that it's a lot more difficult to do it. There are a hundred different ways for people to enter our country illegally. It's easy to say we should have a 'massive clear out' but how would you set about that? You would have to track these people down for a start, and that would be both difficult and expensive - a lot more expensive than you seem to think.

There are reasons why successive governments haven't been able to solve the problem, otherwise it would have been done.

  Forum Editor 19:46 14 Feb 2011

The Human Rights Act isn't the reason that illegal immigrants can get benefits. It may bear on aspects of how we handle illegal claimants, but there's nothing in the act that condones illegality.

  robgf 19:53 14 Feb 2011

I know quite a lot of illegals with a NI number and assumed (as do they) that they had the right to work here.
They pay NI and tax, the same as the rest of us, so it's not all benefits going out, for no return.

  peter99co 20:29 14 Feb 2011

It is probably why we have so many we can't send back. That why I said what I did.

It does not stop them or allow them from claiming benefit while they are here.

We probably spend as much as they claim in benefit trying to expedite their deportment.

  peter99co 21:30 14 Feb 2011

Many illegals have no right to be here but cite the act as reason why they should not be sent back.

They may not get away with it but it slows down their expulsion.

Why would I want to abolish anything?

  spuds 00:40 15 Feb 2011

"government and public authorities are legally obliged to respect"

They may well respect, but it doesn't mean that they will implement or even oblige.

For instance, Article 8 is a 'qualified right' which can make a vast difference on how national, local governments or authorities want to act.

Protocol 1 Article 1: Protection of Property is another that as a number of loop-holes.

  JanetO 09:41 15 Feb 2011

I don't believe anyone is wanting to do away with the Human Rights Act. Perhaps peter99co was alluding to the fact that many foreigners come to the UK, commit crimes, then use the Act to their own benefit.

Last year 350 foreign criminals escaped deportation under human rights law according to UK Border Agency statistics. This included one double murderer.

There have been a steady stream of high-profile deportation and extradition decisions in the past few weeks, none more controversial than the “Pathway students” case, where two suspected terrorists were saved from deportation to Pakistan as they were thought to be at risk of torture or death upon their return.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:41 15 Feb 2011

is a difficult, costly and problematic exercise. And thats taking into account that we are surrounded by a natural barrier.

I think a more effective approach would be to remove (or at least reduce) the incentives to people from every corner of the world to risk life and limb, often paying out vast - to them - sums of money to people traffikers to get to britain. Lets not fool ourselves here: Britain *does* have a global reputation as a soft touch, and the people who try to make it here know that for all practical purposes once they have planted their feet on british soil they have it made. Housing, benefits, healthcare, education, translators, all available for free for the asking. And the chances of being removed from the country are (at the moment) pretty small. Butb even if such an attempt were to be made there will always be lawyers available to appeal, delay, and drag out the process for years. All for free.

But I just dont think the political willpower exists to turn off this supply of free money and services to everyone who comes knocking at our door. To do so will take a politician who is either a hero or a lunatic. There are none of the former in sight, and although I see several of the latter, I have to admit they somewhat frighten me.

I suspect that a major obstacle is that by the time someone has reached a position of sufficient power to be able to influence the problem, they are so beholden to specific groups of supporters that they are effectively powerless!


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