Looks like we're not "all in this together"

  interzone55 09:17 09 Jan 2012


Record sales for Rolls Royce and Bentley sales back to pre-recession levels...

  Pine Man 10:26 09 Jan 2012

'Looks like we're not "all in this together"'

Did you really think we were?

Luxury items like Rolls Royces and power boats etc are generally unaffected by the recession, which doesn't sxurprise me in the least.

  interzone55 10:31 09 Jan 2012

Pine Man

Personally I'm a realist, so I believe the what comes out the mouths of any politician about a much as I believe the ravings of the drunks in Wetherspoons.

  Kevscar1 10:37 09 Jan 2012

any politicain any reporter any medical professional

  badgery 10:51 09 Jan 2012

How the PM must wish that he had never made that statement - it will haunt him for the whole of his Premiership, I reckon.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:50 09 Jan 2012

Why do any of you have a problem with Rolls Royce and Bentley selling more cars?

Substantial increases in sales by those marques mean more British jobs, even though they are not entirely British built anymore.

  badgery 12:15 09 Jan 2012

Mr Mistoffelees

You may not have understood but I think the thread is saying" Because luxury cars are still selling well, this implies the better off are not 'suffering' as much as the rest of society - because they can still afford such luxuries".

Nothing to do with the actual manufacturing or workers.

  Woolwell 12:30 09 Jan 2012

What should not be forgotten is that a significant number (if not the majority) are sold overseas. Nissan at Sunderland has seen growth too with UK sales up 18% but most go for export.

  interzone55 13:11 09 Jan 2012

Mr Mistoffelees

No problem with selling more of these cars, and as Woolwell points out, it does help our exports, as the majority of Rolls Royces are sold in the Middle East and China (the biggest market now).

The problem is that we've never "been in this together"...

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:35 09 Jan 2012

I must have read the thread and forgot the title....

We never have been "all in this together". Consider, as an example, how rich The Crown and The Church were in the Middle Ages, relative to the masses.

  wee eddie 20:13 09 Jan 2012

How's this to get the old Grey Matter working.

If you are earning more than you can spend, you will likely be looking to invest the remainder in Stocks & Shares. Why!

With Inflation running at between 4 and 5% and many Shares bringing a return of between 2 and 3% and with little, or no, appreciation in Capital Value, you will be loosing money each year.

However, buy yourself a Roller, or a Ferrari for that matter and it will increase in value, year on year. Not only that, you will become part of an exclusive Club!

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