Looking for those dolls again...

  Bingalau 18:13 19 Jun 2007

My memory is getting bad, I have just been searching these threads for the one with the pictures of the house full of dolls. I know I will kick myself when the nice chap who allowed us to see them tells me again. Only I have just discovered someone else who is interested in dolls too. (Stop smirking at the back).

  Legolas 18:17 19 Jun 2007


  Legolas 18:19 19 Jun 2007

click here

I think this is it

  Legolas 18:21 19 Jun 2007

Sorry should have said it was Blackhats post

  Blackhat 18:34 19 Jun 2007

Hi, just got home, here is the link, I have used it in a couple of threads on here but put this in your favorites this time! By the way the marzipan pics were great.

click here

Cheers BH.

  Bingalau 19:16 19 Jun 2007


  Bingalau 19:26 19 Jun 2007

Blackhat. Sorry about that, I thought I had the site in my favourites, but alas, we all know what "thought" did. Thanks for re sending it. I did have your e-mail address until about a fortnight ago and then decided "I had better delete it because I only got it for the one reason. I didn't want to have something I was not entitled to. if you know what I mean.
I am glad you got the marzipan babies, I know all my female friends thought they are very cute of course. If I liked marzipan as much as I like Jelly Babies I wouldn't know where to start eating those. No problem biting the heads off jelly babies. I have forwarded your site to a German friend of mine who collects dolls. I think she will be overwhelmed by your wife's collection.
Legolas. Thanks for your efforts too.

  Forum Editor 19:58 19 Jun 2007

at times like this.

  Bingalau 20:17 19 Jun 2007

FE. I know I appreciate this site very much. 99% lovely people.

  Blackhat 20:24 19 Jun 2007

Hi, I think your friend has found the link judging by the recent traffic on my wifes site, or there are a few more PCA members being curios.

click here

FE, we aim to please.


  Bingalau 21:00 19 Jun 2007

Yes she has had a look and so has my son who is courting her. They are both divorcées and both have daughters, Maybe the daughters have also been on the site. I know they buy the occasional doll on the internet.
Sounds like the FE has been visiting your site too.

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