Longhorn is now Windows Vista

  powerless 18:44 22 Jul 2005

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Well, it's different!

  powerless 18:50 22 Jul 2005
  Pooke 19:15 22 Jul 2005

Sounds cheesy....

Is it pronounced "feasta" or "fist-a" like in the video?

  Ancient Learner 19:46 22 Jul 2005

Perhaps they will find that it means something terrible in another language and then they will have to change it.

Sounds a bit like a motor car name. Why have they to give it a name anyway, What's wrong with letter/s as in XP.

What ever we think will make absolutely no difference of course!

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:03 22 Jul 2005

Vista, in Spanish, means sight. So does this mean, with the aid of a webcam, that Windows will be able to see? Might it refuse to allow you to do anything if it decides you look like an idiot?

  anchor 09:02 23 Jul 2005

Will you be one of the testers?; if so we look forward to your "in-sight" and observations.

"Beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3, 2005".

  Forum Editor 09:03 23 Jul 2005


  LastChip 09:12 23 Jul 2005

Most people you speak to on computer matters, say they have Windows. Actually finding out which version can be difficult; note some of the threads here at PCA.

I suspect you will get a number of people telling you (when pressed) they have Visa!

The bottom line is, it's all part of the pre-marketing ploy to persuade everyone they can't live without it.

Interestingly, it appears it is almost two systems in one. You will only be able to run it in it's full form on a fairly powerful system. If you run short on horse-power, it throttles back to a similar interface to XP.

  powerless 19:28 23 Jul 2005

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*That would be Vista, a business software and services company founded in 1999 by John Wall.*

  Curio 20:28 23 Jul 2005

Then problems will arise with the Credit Card Companies

  Sir Radfordin 23:52 23 Jul 2005

Gets some intersting definitions with Google

click here=

"Vista- An enclosed view, usually long and narrow."

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