Long rant about mp3 and it's like.....

  JYPX 23:13 06 Jul 2004

Anyone else think there is something very odd about the unstoppable move towards compressed music - and never mind the quality. Let's put it this way.
1. Do you expect your next new car to be inferior in every way to your last one ?
2. Do you expect your new flat screen tv to have poorer picture quality than the one you bought 5 years ago.
Of course you don't. We all want more don't we? Here was me thinking that red book cd sound quality was only just good enough for serious listening and yet MP3 and the Sony version have allmost taken over...and yes I am aware of the "lossless" versions of this technology.
Broadband gives (to most) the possibility to download uncompressed wav files (if you find them)
and remember you can store more than 50 cd's on your 40gig Ipod with No Compression Whatsoever. You want 500 albums in your pocket? Just how long is that freaking train journey. You have already bought the quality replacement phones so why not put them to use????

One last thought. A friend kindly offered me a very juicy looking orange the other day. Just as I was about to devour it he said "By the way, that's not a normal orange. A new process has removed 90% of it, but in such a clever way that you will be totally unaware of the missing parts!!!!!"

I did not eat the orange.

  Demora 23:43 08 Jul 2004

So....... Mums are good for something hey Troydi. How do I password my hifi from her now.

I use my mp3 player on long haul flight to the US and its much easier than a whole case load of cds in my hand luggage


  Forum Editor 10:18 18 Jul 2004

There are many theories about the origin of the phrase "Bees knees". Most people agree that it originated in America, probably in the 1920's.

As I've said, there are lots of possible origins, but the one I favour is that "the bee's knees" is actually a development from something that was originally stated as "The be all and the end all of everything." this being rather long, was shortened to "the B's and E's" which eventually became "the bee's knees".

Apologies to JYPX for wandering off-topic.

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