Long rant about mp3 and it's like.....

  JYPX 23:13 06 Jul 2004

Anyone else think there is something very odd about the unstoppable move towards compressed music - and never mind the quality. Let's put it this way.
1. Do you expect your next new car to be inferior in every way to your last one ?
2. Do you expect your new flat screen tv to have poorer picture quality than the one you bought 5 years ago.
Of course you don't. We all want more don't we? Here was me thinking that red book cd sound quality was only just good enough for serious listening and yet MP3 and the Sony version have allmost taken over...and yes I am aware of the "lossless" versions of this technology.
Broadband gives (to most) the possibility to download uncompressed wav files (if you find them)
and remember you can store more than 50 cd's on your 40gig Ipod with No Compression Whatsoever. You want 500 albums in your pocket? Just how long is that freaking train journey. You have already bought the quality replacement phones so why not put them to use????

One last thought. A friend kindly offered me a very juicy looking orange the other day. Just as I was about to devour it he said "By the way, that's not a normal orange. A new process has removed 90% of it, but in such a clever way that you will be totally unaware of the missing parts!!!!!"

I did not eat the orange.

  Mango Grummit 23:21 06 Jul 2004

Phew!! Narrow escape there but I thought everyone knew that you should never trust anyone who gives away oranges.

Don't ask me why ....... and don't tell me either!

  norman47 23:30 06 Jul 2004

Nice rant. :-)))

  gudgulf 23:56 06 Jul 2004

Not unstoppable--there will always be those of us that prefer top quality recordings.That way upgrading your playback hardware gives you an increase in playback quality.I still play my vinyl lp's --Why? because with decent hifi equipment they can still show cd a thing or two.But then I'm a purist--quality matters for serious listening.

Compressed music is all very well--I have lots on my pc for background listening when I am working and quality is not an issue here.Providing that the MP3 revolution complements rather than replaces high quality recordings then I have no issue with that.
One thing is for sure I wont be subscribing to any of the new music download services--I'll be buying all the music I want on cd or vinyl.I want the best quality I can get when I'm parting with my money.

  Some-Guy 21:15 07 Jul 2004

Well the only reason I see that MP3 are so good in the business is that it is compact and that is what the future holds or needs. MP3 to the normal person doesn't sound very different to uncompressed music and I surely couldn't tell the difference, so why stuff only 50 cds onto a player when you can have 500 and you wouldnt even know the difference.

  Loqi 10:50 08 Jul 2004

The real problem here is the emergence of MP3's in clubs. On your average persons sound system (not mine, but I too and a purist) You couldn't really tell the difference, but when people start playing them in clubs it's just unexeptable, you pay for the musical expirience through a good sound system, then end up with some half arsed sound with no sub bass. Thats not the one.

  Gaz 25 11:23 08 Jul 2004

Playing MP3s through mini headphones = fine...

but if I hook them up to my 'expensive' indeed hifi - they sound just as good as the tape! at best.

I must admit, a £200 LP player wont show CDs up much - but a £600 or even £7000 one will.

  troydi 14:12 08 Jul 2004

The only reason I use MP3 at all is portability, and ease of use. I own all the cds, and when I'm at home (where I can play them on my mum's decent stereo system - for the time being, I gotta make do with listening to music through my pc and speakers.. not the best, but it does for the time being), I will listen to them, or in the car. But I like being able to chop and change what I listen to when I'm on a train, and if I was to listen to cd's, that would mean, taking at least 5 or 6, (and the protective casing to look after them - waste of space), and chopping and changing every 20 minutes. My MP3 player lets me do this minimum fuss. However, I won't be making the leap to purchasing JUST MP3's, I like having the tangibility of a CD.

  gudgulf 22:30 08 Jul 2004

My lp player cost £180 plus another £180 for the arm and cartridge---but that was in 1980!!!!

Still going strong 24 years later(except fot the cartridge of course).It is the only piece of kit that I have yet to upgrade.

I agree with you too Troydi,for portability MP3 is probably the way to go---but I would prefer to make my own from original source recordings for use in the car or with portable players. So I too will be keeping my very tangible 1000 plus cd collection (Plus god alone knows how many lp's,lol)

  Demora 23:43 08 Jul 2004

So....... Mums are good for something hey Troydi. How do I password my hifi from her now.

I use my mp3 player on long haul flight to the US and its much easier than a whole case load of cds in my hand luggage


  troydi 14:46 09 Jul 2004

Demora - Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have told u bout this new room! Yet another way for you to check up on me :p

What software do you use to create your MP3's then? We also have a few lp's at home which we occasionally listen to. It's good to go back to the good ol' days (or revisit your parents good ol' days, if you weren't there to enjoy it!)

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