Long Lost Members

  alB 22:28 23 Jan 2006

As a regular here from the "China" days, you get to recognise certain members names, Taran,VoG™, woodchip etc but a lot seem to have disappeared, what has become of the likes of Bodi, Valvegrid, Mr Anderson do they no longer look in or have they got new identities...I wonder ???? ...alB

  octal 22:40 23 Jan 2006

I'm valvegrid, I only changed to the present octal because the "house manager" thought it was stupid.

  MidgetMan 10:25 24 Jan 2006

The question is who were you?. many people have changed their names for various reasons. I have been around in various guises for as long as I can remember, and remember China getting the "promotion"

  wee eddie 10:28 24 Jan 2006

His Windows '98 based OS "Strewth" was a work of art and I have always wondered if he bothered to strip down XP to see what he could achieve.

  spuds 11:12 24 Jan 2006

As the forum editor often states. New people arrive and old members leave, with sometimes name changes in between.But that's life :o)

  Chegs ®™ 12:38 24 Jan 2006

I'm still here,had a change of username when I forgot my password but unearthed an old printout with the details upon it so resumed being me.

  Forum Editor 13:11 24 Jan 2006

It's a personal matter, and some people who used to post in the past content themselves with logging in and reading now, rather than posting. As a matter of policy we don't think it's a good idea to 'chase up' people who, for reasons of their own, decide to opt out, or take a break from the forums. There are many possible reasons for their absence, and we respect their right to a bit of privacy in the matter.

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