# ... Long live our noble Queen .... #

  Dragon_Heart 23:54 07 Sep 2015

This Wednesday on September 9th Her Majesty The Queen will be recognised as the longest reigning monarch, 63 years.

She has clocked up some air miles making her by far the most travelled monarch in British history, despite her not owning a passport !

It's her 90th Birthday next year and still going strong :-)

  Dragon_Heart 00:15 08 Sep 2015

Bet to FE was one of the first to check this thread out :-)

  roy170 07:47 08 Sep 2015

Charles and Camilla will be hoping for a Royal declaration on Thursday.

  Ungus 08:56 08 Sep 2015

I would give any OAP who lives this long my best wishes, but i think its time for her to have a retirement plan put in place. Does she get the state pension?????

  john bunyan 11:10 08 Sep 2015


Sounds like a military colleague (very left wing , had been in NGA), who remarked when going through Windsor Great Park in a 4 tonner "It's all wrong, this should be turned into a Council Estate".

Best wishes to HM ,and I hope she outlives Charles!!

  roy170 11:38 08 Sep 2015


Not wishing to be castigated by he who must be obeyed but in that land far to the north, not mentioning the S word. I see the first minister has offered to open her own house to a refugee.

Can't see her maj or Cameron doing the same.

  Forum Editor 11:41 08 Sep 2015

"I see the first minister has offered to open her own house to a refugee."

When she has more experience she'll learn not to make such transparently silly gestures. I hope a refugee takes her up on her offer.

  morddwyd 11:43 08 Sep 2015

All the usual crap about abdication and retirement.

There is no provision in our (unwritten) constitution for abdication.

If she abdicates she will have to do what the last guy did and go into exile.

  spuds 11:53 08 Sep 2015

"If she abdicates she will have to do what the last guy did and go into exile."

And perhaps take her corgi's, horses and husband with her.

Now if that was to happen, it would be a great loss to England, not too sure about some other parts of the UK though!.

(Spoken by a true Royalist through and through)

  Quickbeam 12:03 08 Sep 2015

Up with the republic of England!

  lotvic 12:34 08 Sep 2015

QB, Hope it's not a repeat performance of the period between the death of King Charles I and King Charles II ;-)

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