Londons newyear parade, did anybody go

  sunnystaines 14:06 02 Jan 2013

We were in London and by chance heard about this parade. So waited. In my opinion some good floats etc but dreadful management of the parade. loads on big gaps between floats often upto 5 mins. the american marching bands were good and well presented by the remainder had scuffy hangers on strolling beind them and a lot of the bourough floats the people looked disintrested and scruffy..

what was your opinion.

reminded me of the carnival parades each town used to have but without the pride and presentation [except for the americans]

  Aitchbee 14:56 02 Jan 2013

I like a good parade, as long as it's Not In My Back Yard ...they [parades and marches] usually mean blocked-off roads and disruption to public transport.

  sunnystaines 15:00 02 Jan 2013

aitcbee, yes were were blocked off, the police let us cut though into te mall to get away. this parade could ave been so good it was suc a shabbles we left half way through.

  sunnystaines 15:10 02 Jan 2013

my "h" not comimg out

  Woolwell 19:22 02 Jan 2013

You have not seen a parade until you have been to Washington DC and firstly seen the Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade (around 250,000 motorcycles mostly Harleys) followed the day later by the National Memorial Parade.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:53 02 Jan 2013

If I want to see a carnival parade, I'll just nip up the road to this: Bridgwater Carnival

  Aitchbee 22:53 05 Jan 2013

That Carnival's historical references to the past is reminiscent of the marches that are now banned in other areas of the UK.

... " Once assembled, effigies of Guy Fawkes, the Pope and others who had upset the local population, were added to the flames. From early evening, hundreds of Squibs were ignited in the town centre and a night of merrymaking ensued until the early hours. "

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