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London War Zone Hospitals ...

  Quickbeam 07:05 05 May 2018

are awash with blood from stabbings running across the floors... apparently.

Fake news in the making is it Trumpy?

  BT 09:30 05 May 2018

When will that man stop making up his own 'Fake News' just to make himself and his policies look good.

There have been a similar number of murders in London and New York so far this year, but there have been more than 20 school shootings in the USA but none in the UK.

Can't Mr T see that one person with a gun is far more dangerous than one with a knife. A gun is potentially able to kill many people at once.

  Belatucadrus 09:32 05 May 2018

Typical Trump logic, things would be so much better if they had guns instead. Pistols would be good, assault rifles even better. As always in Donald world truth is whatever he says and any evidence to the contrary is fake news or the work of bad Mexican hombres.

  rickf 09:50 05 May 2018

And we are welcoming him in July? Poodles in deed!!!

  Cymro. 11:34 05 May 2018

He must realise that a statement like that is rubbish so why o why does he still say things like this? I assume the statement is some sort of rebuff to the American Gun Control Lobby and that there are over there some who will believe this.They have believed him in the past and so for now they will continue to do so

  Proclaimer 11:44 05 May 2018

And yet he seems to be right or making reference to this report;

click here I don't like the man (or that paper) at all there seems to be some truth in what he says notwithstanding his own dramatic spin about floors awash with blood.


  Forum Editor 22:51 05 May 2018

What we need to focus on when thinking about the forthcoming visit is that we will be welcoming the President of the United States - focus on the office, and not on the individual.

Like it or not, we need a good relationship with America - now so more than ever.

  Quickbeam 07:27 06 May 2018

T%hat's easier said than done with Trump.

He creates his own aura of foolishness!

  bumpkin 09:50 06 May 2018

Better to shoot people than stab them as there is less mess would seem to be his reasoning.

  HondaMan 10:58 06 May 2018

FE would delete my post if not me if I said what I think!

  amonra9 11:39 06 May 2018

The NRA is a very big campaign supporter of Trump, so he has to repay the "favour" somehow. Talk is cheap.

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