Is London too expensive now

  bumpkin 23:02 31 Dec 2012

I was born in London and remember my Dad not a wealthy man taking me to the museums, the parks the Tower of London and I could go on and on. I now live just outside of London in Bucks but if I want to take my family of five out for a day in London it will be hundreds of pounds.

  rdave13 00:31 01 Jan 2013

Going to Cardiff near the end of this month. Children's swimming sport and my son was very fast in relay. So the competition goes to Cardiff which means a family of four stays at a Hotel for two nights. Travelling is nothing compared to the two night stay we'll need to pay for.

Things we do.

  bumpkin 00:39 01 Jan 2013

I realize that, done the Disney route Paris and Florida which I dont mind but these are fantasy. I want to show my kids some of the good things about London, maybe not all good but at least teach them some history. London is geared for tourists,others don't get a chance even if they were born here like myself

  rdave13 00:44 01 Jan 2013

bumpkin, never been able to afford Disney whether France or USA. One son went to Paris, the others didn't. Maybe you know some locals that can help?

  bumpkin 01:19 01 Jan 2013

rave13 they were both expensive and both disappointing so you got it correct,me the fool. Just another con like most things.

  simonjary 08:29 01 Jan 2013

Get yourself an Oyster Card, and a day out in London shouldn't cost the Earth. Bring some sandwiches. Go to all the free world-class museums and galleries, walk around a park or two, stroll along the river.

  bremner 10:01 01 Jan 2013

As fourm member has said there are many wonderful places in London you can visit for free and the walk along the south bank from Westminster Bridge to Southwark Bridge is great.

The biggest disappiontment for me is that having visited many capital cities in Europe and beyond it is only in London that I have been required to pay to enter the main churches. Westminster Abbey costs £16 and St Pauls £15.

Is London too expensive? Not for me, it is on a par with Paris, Rome, New York and better value than many more.

  bumpkin 12:52 01 Jan 2013

fourm member, where do I get hundreds of pounds from. Fares there and back £90, Tower £100, London eye £100, bit of lunch £60 and another £80 if we want to look round a church. As bremner says it is on a par with Paris, Rome, New york, if that is not expensive then what is. As pointed out by others it would seem that we could have a decent day out at reasonable cost if I did a bit of research and used my imagination rather than a credit card. Thanks for your comments, I am just getting cynical.

  bumpkin 14:12 01 Jan 2013

Some interesting responses and ideas. I need to be a bit more positive it seems.

  bumpkin 14:30 01 Jan 2013

I used to go up the Monument quite often as a teenager, is it still free. Could do with a lift from what I can recall of it :-)

  bumpkin 14:44 01 Jan 2013

We used to buy a ticket called Red Rover, it was half a crown and you could go anywhere you wanted in London and around, did it many times. Anyone remember them.

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