London School of Journalism - Distance Learning

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:00 09 Mar 2006

Hi all,

I'm interested if anyone has had any experiences with Distance Learning from the above mentioned place?

I'm eager to gain further qualifications (I didn't leave school with that many), and am interested in either doing something from the LSJs distance learning section, or maybe an OU course.

Does anyone know if the LSJ distance learning courses are worth the money, and are recognised within the industry as a good thing?


  €dstowe 15:06 09 Mar 2006

The OU is far more well established and has an excellent reputation. Their courses are also much more diverse and you are more likely to find something that fits your needs than you would with a college with a smaller remit.

The OU television programmes have been revamped and represent some of the best in educational TV. Have a look at a few (mainly BBC2 in the night).

  spuds 16:00 09 Mar 2006

Always check on costs and accreditation before signing anything with these distance college courses. They can work out very expensive, and some contracts may not be in you long or short term favour.

Have you considered contacting someone like Learn Direct!.

  amonra 17:17 09 Mar 2006

I second Cdstowe's advice, stick with the OU. Be VERY wary of these distant learning "colleges".

  spikeychris 17:39 09 Mar 2006
  keith-236134 19:32 09 Mar 2006

Sorry, but if you didnt get many qualifications from school you could get a good job with the Sun.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 20:09 09 Mar 2006

I had a further poke around on the LSJ site - and it appears that their correspondence courses are not accredited by the NUJ - so it's just as possible that these qualifications wouldn't hold much sway for anyone hoping to impress prospective employers.

I've been having a look around on the OU site, and there are a fair few topics that interest me - so I'll probably be taking things further with them, once I've decided which path I should follow (and since these things don't come cheap, I shall think long and hard about it)

hairyplums - I fear in my haste to make my initial post I have posted some erroneous information. I left school with a average (but not exceptional) grades for my GCSEs - but from that point onwards have had no further 'higher' education (this isn't to say I haven't learned anything since leaving school, just that I don't have the appropriate bits of paper to confirm what I know) - and this is something that I would dearly like to rectify.

  ade.h 20:13 09 Mar 2006

A commendable desire for knowledge! Give the OU a go; hard work, but no doubt thoroughly worth it.

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