London Mayoral elections - do we care??

  DANZIG 08:27 22 Apr 2008

I might be a bit naive, but I don't live in London, I never intend to live there and have been there 3 times in my life.

So should I give a damn about who becomes Mayor of London??

Personally speaking, I don't!

Unless someone else can convince me otherwise...

  DANZIG 08:38 22 Apr 2008

If it does affect me, why don't I get a chance to vote in it then?

  Coffee Adict 08:49 22 Apr 2008

Sorry I'm with Danzig on this one, things have got to be right on your own patch first before looking at the bigger picture and I think most of us would agree 'a could do better tick' would be appropriate for most councils.

  Quickbeam 09:14 22 Apr 2008

"Mayor of London has become the template for other mayors around the country"

Too right, our mayor has already become a fully pledged megalomaniac in the short time we've had him!

  peter99co 09:39 22 Apr 2008

I hope Mugabe does not enter as a candidate for the job.

I think Ken is enough for the moment,unless they felt like a change of venue.

  Stuartli 13:45 22 Apr 2008

>>If it does affect me, why don't I get a chance to vote in it then?>>

It doesn't affect you directly but, as forum member points out, the role of the Mayor of London has gained much more clout in many areas.

That's why other cities' councils in particular are watching with great interest.

Personal thought is that it's a step too far.

  DANZIG 22:23 22 Apr 2008

By that rationale then, surely I should be highly interested in the pantomime that is the American election..

..and I'm not (well maybe a little)..

  Forum Editor 22:45 22 Apr 2008

your not - nothing wrong with that, especially as you don't live here. I do care, because I live and work in London.

  Chaz10 22:55 22 Apr 2008

Forum Editor

Red Ken, or Boris, which one?

  WhiteTruckMan 23:11 22 Apr 2008

Whats the matter? Doesn't Boris warrant a nickname?

How about 'Boisterous' Boris?


  Stuartli 23:50 22 Apr 2008

You must surely know that a vote is normally known only to the person involved?

Mind you, based on the information written on my voting slip at local election polling stations, it would be very easy to trace just how anyone voted...:-)

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