London 2012

  Grey Goo 13:54 23 May 2011

Looks like the Germans have got their towels on the best seats again. clickenze hier

  ams4127 22:43 23 May 2011

I read it this morning and was amazed. I'm just glad I'm not one of the many people waiting to see what tickets (if any) they've been allocated.

  spuds 10:14 24 May 2011

Nothing new, we Brits seem to put up with anything nowadays.

But reading the title I thought that it might have had something to do with the route the torch is suppose to go. Our local council are already making big sounds and possibly spending 'cut-back' money on this event, because the city is 'on the route'. Pity our local council doesn't spend some of the tax payers money on more local issues, especially sports and youth facilities. Just another 'jolly' for some, I suppose?.

  Terry Brown 12:44 24 May 2011

What I would like to know is:-

After the Olympics have finished, who will pay the bill for 'protecting the area', while the find some willing buyer to take it over (Remember the Millenium Dome Fiasco).

Over the last (e.g.) 20 years the Olympic stadium has been built over a lot of countries in the world. Has any country actually made a profit from it?, or seriously upgraded their infrastructure (Roads, Rail etc)because of it.


  interzone55 14:18 24 May 2011

Nothing like a little gentle xenophobia to sell some papers.

Half the tickets for the events have been sold via the raffle system. This was set up to try to make ticket sales a little fairer, by having a period of several weeks for people to register for tickets, rather than millions of people jamming the phonelines and website of the ticket agents on the morning the tickets go on sale.

The bulk of the remaining tickets go to olympic officials, families of athletes, and good old corporate jollies.

The rest are being sold in every country around the world who enter athletes. Because there's less tickets for sale in other countries, and a lot less demand for tickets, they've been put on open sale.

But don't let a sensible answer stop you all from ranting...

  interzone55 15:53 24 May 2011

fourm member

This site is getting more like Facebook every day :-)

  Grey Goo 23:25 24 May 2011

Well now we are all the wiser thanks to the resident fountains of knowledge. I will resist the temptation of putting the ubiquitous smiley face in.

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