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Lollypop man resigns because of PC brigade!!

  Brumas 18:06 13 Feb 2018

Do you not think all this ‘PC’ business has got out of hand? My brother Bryan has done this job for nigh on 20 years and nobody has ever complained but, because one or two people have taken umbrage over his ‘high fives’ (which incidentally all the kids loved) he resigned rather then give in to the minority.

I don’t watch day time TV but my sister emailed me on Sunday from Hull telling me to watch ‘This Morning’ on Monday to get the full facts, which I did and was glad I did. I had been following the story in the Hull Daily Mail online since it broke and now realised how stupid East Riding council really were!

It is getting to the stage now where if a toddler fell and tripped in front of me I would think twice before picking the child up and comforted it in case I was reported for trying to abduct it! I love kids, my grandchildren are nearly 3 year old and I play rough and tumble with them and they love it.

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  alanrwood 14:14 04 Mar 2018

Yes I am already having second thoughts about that.

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