Logic fridge freezer LFC50W12; drip tray issue

  commute 10:17 04 Aug 2018

Tube itself gets iced up so mechanic came ; the water in the tube is 'frozen' and has to be steem blasted; apparently seems to be a 'common problem' with frost free fridges; am advised to give it a very hot/boiling water treatment every few months to keep it uniced with a generous amount (300 mls) of boiling water ( or as near as dam it ) to keep it 'flowing '

Is this 'normal for frost free fridges as I have never had a frost free fridge before ; wonder if there are any fridge mechanics on here who can advise??

  Pine Man 11:34 04 Aug 2018

Had several different makes over many, many years and never come across this problem.

Seems a bit daft that you have to manually defrost a frost free fridge/freezer - and that is not a phrase to be repeated fast!!

  Al94 12:30 04 Aug 2018

Most good makes incorporate a heating element in the drain pipe to keep it clear, when this fails the problem occurs

  wee eddie 13:29 04 Aug 2018

How certain are you that the problem is Ice.

Mine had a problem with black algae

  wee eddie 15:11 04 Aug 2018

p.s. Pouring boiling water down a pipe that is blocked with ice does not solve the problem.

A better solution, if you can access the pipe, is to use a hair drier on it. But, be careful, don't let the pipe get too hot or it may deform

  Quickbeam 19:32 04 Aug 2018

Black algae is what causes mine to block. I use a pipe cleaner dipped in Flash or whatever you preferred kitchen fluid is, that works well.

  carver 18:30 06 Aug 2018

We have had our frost free fridge freezer for a good 10 years with no problems at all, what that person has said is not a solution to the problem you have merely a bodge so he doesn't have to sort out the real problem. Frost free fridge freezers are designed to operate without having to resort to unblocking pipes. Contact the manufacturer and ask them about this problem or even better if it's inside warranty contact the people you bought it from and tell them you want it sorted.

  bumpkin 21:11 06 Aug 2018

I don't know how old your applance but it should do what the spec claims. You should not have to mess about with it or there is no point in getting it in the first place.

  lotvic 22:26 06 Aug 2018

You could try The Copper Wire Trick click here

Some do-it-yourself enthusiasts wrap a copper wire around the heater and train the end of the wire to the drain. This is intended to divert any extra heat into the drain and to stop the ice plug from forming (the copper conducts the heat).

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