Logging in and out; new procedure

  VCR97 19:14 12 Oct 2015

I logged in OK but I can't find the log out button.

  Forum Editor 19:23 12 Oct 2015

You will be logged out automatically when you close your browser, unless you have ticked the 'remember me' box on the login page. If you tick the box our server will set a cookie on your computer, and that will log you in automatically each time you visit the site. The cookie is harmless, and no personal information is divulged to a third party by its use - it simply enables the site to recognise you each time you return.

If you use one of the widely available clean-up utilities -Like CCleaner - to clear your browsing history and cookie cache our cookie will be deleted, and you'll need to log-in again (and tick the 'remember me' box).

I hope that helps, let me know if you need any further information.

  VCR97 19:42 12 Oct 2015

Thanks for that.

  Forum Editor 19:46 12 Oct 2015

My pleasure.

  morddwyd 19:52 12 Oct 2015

"You will be logged out automatically when you close your browser,"

Do you need to close the browser totally, or just the window PCA is open in?

  spuds 20:26 12 Oct 2015

Doing the course of today, I had a couple of site error messages. Since then I cannot see my 'Christian' name under the 'hamburger' or anything on the bottom line, that was once there, and was wondering where it had gone, thinking that I had perhaps been logged out of the site.

Strange, still no name, but I can still post, so I must still be logged in?.

  Forum Editor 20:35 12 Oct 2015


Cookies are stored by your browser. If you haven't ticked the 'remember me' box there will be no cookie, and you'll be logged out when you leave the site. if you open the site in a new window you'll need to login again.

  Forum Editor 20:39 12 Oct 2015


I hadn't noticed a change in the hamburger menu, but I've just looked, and you're right - I don't see my name any more, although I'm logged in and able to post.

I suppose it doesn't particularly matter, because if you're logged out you'll see a login option on the menu, although I haven't checked that yet - too busy at the moment. You wouldn't be able to post if you were logged out - you would be prompted to login if you tried.

  lotvic 20:45 12 Oct 2015

Have I understood correctly? If you have previously ticked the 'Remember Me' there is no indication that you are logged in and you can't simply log out of pca, you have to close browser and delete the cookies.

Hope this is just a temporary issue and normal links etc will soon be restored.

  spuds 00:29 13 Oct 2015

"I suppose it doesn't particularly matter,"

I find without the Christian name tab, so is 'your post', so making it slightly difficult to track your own postings. Unless there is another way to do this!.

  Belatucadrus 00:48 13 Oct 2015

Unless there is another way to do this!.

If you have the main forum list open instead of an individual post, there’s a button that says "My posts" next to the "Ask a Question" button

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