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Logans Run nearer than You may think

  woodchip 21:36 03 Feb 2013

So much for Bill Gates and the Rich.

Click on Link

  Quickbeam 17:11 07 Feb 2013


RE: fm's post.

  woodchip 17:28 07 Feb 2013

Quickbeam You have obviously not read listened to the Videos on Google link I posted.

FE does not mean that he knows everything

  john bunyan 17:35 07 Feb 2013

The UN report (in 2004) is worth a read.

UN Population growth forecast

  Forum Editor 17:53 07 Feb 2013


"Why pick on the third world, Its the Developed World that is the Cause of the Problems of Pollution And this is what Bill Gates was talking about, trying to shift the blame on to World being over populated. This is a load of Rubbish"

Bill gates was talking about nothing of the kind. He was referring to a vaccination and contraception programme for the developing world. It had nothing to do with pollution, which is an entirely different problem that has nothing to do with population control.

"...did you know that All the People now living will fit into Lock-Ness"

Actually, ten times the world population would fit into Loch Ness, but what has that to do with population control?

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