local elections

  Quiller. 18:33 01 May 2012

Do you have local elections in your area on Thursday?

Will you be voting or cannot be bothered.

The wife and I will be popping down to stick an X on the forms.

  canarieslover 18:53 01 May 2012

Yes, we will be voting,and in a few days time will be listening to people who didn't bother to vote moaning about the people elected.

  daz60 20:03 01 May 2012

As opposed to those who did vote and did not have their candidate/ promises realised.

I agree with fourm member's second paragraph,if it was truly about local issues i would be bothered but as in my borough were consultation is limited to infrequent meetings on a major issue and where information is restricted i will, maybe, vote in protest.

  morddwyd 20:18 01 May 2012

Already cast my vote last week, by post.

  Condom 22:01 01 May 2012

I was muttering under my breathe that the lazy sods couldn't be bothered canvassing yet again when I discovered we're not having any. Bang goes my chance once again to bloody a few noses. We became a unitarian authority recently and it seems that the lot in power don't have to stand for another year. Explains why they have been taking some decisions they have knowing we can't kick them out just yet. Bah humbug and the rest:-)

  ams4127 23:07 01 May 2012

No elections here on Anglesey. They put up our council tax by the highest amount in the UK, yet they won't give us a chance to get rid of the councillors. Reputed to be the most corrupt council in Wales, and that comes from my Welsh friends!

  spuds 02:51 02 May 2012

In my area there are no local elections till next year, unless a councillor dies or something similar. But seeing the turn-outs that usually occur, makes a bit of a joke of it all, especially after the event, when the winning people seems to give a press conference about 'the public where all for them'. What happened to the other public 75% who couldn't be bothered?.

I have no allegiance to any party, and I think that shows when the council or councillor's make mistakes, and I vent my anger in the local newspaper, or with the local MP. Surprising how a little anger in a newspaper brings results, yet face to face brings broken promises on many occasions?.

One thing that I can never understand, is how someone can say that a councillor is very active in doing a lot for local groups in the community, yet at the same time consider that the person is of the wrong party.

In my books, anyone who is active to that extent, needs support irrespective of what party they might belong to. My own local council have had a number of councillor's who have defected to another party, due to disagreements or not toeing the party line. Other's have resigned in total disgust, or gone Independent, then found that they were 'stone-walled' by all the three main party's. Yet on election day's, the public are told that the prospective candidates have the public's interests to heart?.

Bah humbug!

  Chegs ®™ 06:19 02 May 2012

I'll save myself the bother of a walk in the rain(though we're not having elections here as I've received no voting recycling goods)as whenever we do have local elections the same bunch gets voted back in.The last Labour MP we had was rarely ever seen in the area,yet managed to retain his seat for over 25yrs.His descendants in the same party crash blindly from one fiasco to the next,turfing out anyone from the executive who disagrees with them.For many years I didn't vote,but now do in the vain hope my vote will get rid of the present executive(though voting for the Green Party with the worlds largest Nuclear Dustbin on my doorstep probably isn't going to get them in)

  morddwyd 08:47 02 May 2012

I must admit that when I e-mailed to my local councillor about my recent fiasco of BT barring me from entering my home, late on Friday, she was at my door early on Saturday morning to discuss a course of action.

  wiz-king 09:02 02 May 2012

I will be voting. I am also an active e-mailer to my local parish council and the local and county council usually reporting rubbish dumped in the local lanes. I have the email addresses of all the utilities stored in my address book for reporting gas leaks etc - if I don't report thing they hang around for ages, most of the reports get a polite answer very quickly. I don't have time - full time job and two horses - to do any work for the councils but think I do my bit by email.

  spuds 11:00 02 May 2012

fourm member

That's possibly the point that I was making. Any individual who is working for the community requires peoples support, and that includes party support.

There's nothing like trying to go it alone, then finding your party membership is becoming the biggest bug bear. Hence my remark, about some of my local councillor's have had to go Independent or place their allegiance with another political party.

All to often with my local council, we hear about in-party divides and favouritism, plus 'bending of rules', and the local newspaper makes a meal of this, because it shows what real politics are all about. Then the politicians and their party's ask why the public do not show interest!.

Not all that long ago, we had the expenses scandal, which led into shock and horror for the nation. Yet still today, we the public are still seeing some of the old dust being swept from under the carpet, possibly revealing further 'hidden' scandals. Yet at the same time, we the public and the press are being told 'lessons will be learned'.

They never are, and never will be, unless some very radical changes are made. And for sure they most certainly will never be in my lifetime!.

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