Local ballot paper

  Quickbeam 08:32 23 Apr 2008

I just got my postal ballot paper.

Over the last few days I've had the usual leaflets... the Tory candidate slates the Labour party, the Labour candidate slates the Tory party, the Green candidate wears moccasins and has a beard, and I've discovered the Indie candidate doesn't even play in a band!

What should I do Aunt Agonie...?

  Pineman100 08:43 23 Apr 2008

Be a good boy and recycle the leaflets. It's all they're good for.

  Legolas 12:38 23 Apr 2008

I suppose we should respect the fact that we have a vote, something that I have seldon done but I am sure those in Zimbabwe who have been badly beaten recently just for having the audacity to vote against mugabe would be over the moon to cast their vote in peace knowing that the party most voted for would actually get into power.

Because I have grown up with the right to vote I have become blaise about the whole thing and of course some of our politicians do not help matters but when I see the struggle in other countries not only for the right to vote but the right to vote in peace and security without looking over your shoulder then I realise I am privilaged, a privilage which I have often abused and took lightly but the recent events in Zimbabwe have made me look at it a fresh light and realise that however imperfect this democracy of ours is it is still incalculable better than the situation many people throughout the world find themselves in who have no recoure to the ballot box.

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