Local Air Show

  morddwyd 08:09 12 Sep 2012

For the first time since I left the RAF I would like to go back.

According to a local report


" aircraft from one, two, three, four, five and six squadrons line up on the Tarmac." at Leauchars this weekend.

Certainly not something I saw in the whole of my career, and I should think pretty much a one-off.

  johndrew 09:45 12 Sep 2012

At one time the aircraft of six squadrons would hardly have dented the total compliment of RAF combat aircraft, but now it is a large part of it. Hopefully your show will be good but remember to take your ear defenders; two practising ACM are noisy so that many in display will be deafening!!

  Aitchbee 09:56 12 Sep 2012

It looks like it's going to be an awesome display...and I really wish I could be there...the closest I've been to any aircraft is about 200m, watching from the interior of Glasgow Airport. (The ticket prices look very reasonable...about the same as watching a football match on saturdays, I would think.)

  Woolwell 10:37 12 Sep 2012

Looking at the Leuchars air show site I am fairly sure that is not six full squadrons taking part. The site http://www.airshow.co.uk/ is very slow to load. There will be a formation of 9 Typhoons plus single aircraft displays. It sounds like a good air show. Regarding the squadron numbers is that historic numbers or current numbers? IV Squadron is currently Hawks at Valley.

  interzone55 11:29 12 Sep 2012

We were treated to a show from the Vulcan Bomber on Sunday, what a magnificent aircraft...

  Quickbeam 11:43 12 Sep 2012

Before RAF Finningley closed we had the only 3 Vulcan scramble as part of our annual airshow.

What a magnificent din that was with 3 Vulcans on full bore one after the other. I don't think there was ever anything noisier, even stone deaf people could hear it with their chest diaphragm!

  morddwyd 21:41 12 Sep 2012

No, sorry, I didn't mean the whole squadrons.

Even just one from each, 1 to 6, would be unique in my experience.

Annual displays was one of the few aspects of the service I was glad to see the back of as it invariably meant much work, which is fair enough, but it was at the expense of your own day to day work which had to be caught up on.

I didn't mind when it was an "At Home" day, when folks just came and wandered around, subject to security and safety, seeing what you were spending their taxes on while you got on with your work as much as you could.

Now it's purely a commercial enterprise, with the sole aim of separating as many people as possible from as much money as possible.

  Condom 22:21 12 Sep 2012

As a teenager I used to love going to the local shows in Abbotsinch before it was closed and taken over as the new Glasgow Airport. As photography was my in thing taking photos was my main aim and I'm pretty sure I still have the negs lying around somewhere of the Swordfishes and Gannets (My god what an ugly Aircraft). My favourites were always the Vampires and the Venoms and it always amazed me how small they were when compared to modern jets.

When camping with the scouts in NI in the late 50's we were near some site around Hollywood where there were literally dozens of old Vampires and Venoms just lying in bits and I often wonder where it was. Perhaps some of the old RAF chaps will know where I am talking about.

  flycatcher1 22:41 12 Sep 2012

Quickbeam I was at Finningley for a 101 Squadron Colour Presentation and a three aircraft scramble was laid on as part of the proceedings. I hate to say it because the Vulcans were Mk2s from 617 Squadron but they provided the best scramble that I had ever seen. Normally with a scramble there is a definite delay between aircaft for safety reasons but 617 scrambled as one.

In the halcyon days when we had a viable Air Force every station had its Open Day, normally to celebrate Battle of Britain Day. One year we took our Lincoln to Heathrow for the weekend and had trouble getting away because of the crowds surrounding the aircraft.

Hope everyone enjoys the show.

  Woolwell 22:55 12 Sep 2012

For sheer noise volume then a Vulcan cannot be beaten but for beauty of sound in my opinion a Sea Fury doing aerobatics is good. There are youtube videos of its display. I see that it is at Leuchars.

  Quickbeam 09:04 13 Sep 2012

I also remember one year on a cloudless humid day when the Lightning did it's stuff which basically consisted of lots of fast flypasts just below the sound barrier (early H&S?) with multiple vapour bursts boiling of the fuselage. It finished with a full bore vertical climb that had everyone looking into the blue as it became an even smaller black dot, and the sound of it climbing still went on and on, even after it became invisible, we were all still looking up into the blue. Then there was a flash in the sky as the sun glinted on it when it levelled out and the sound of the sound continued back down to us for a moment longer.

The next plane came in and did it's stuff, 10/12 minutes later they announced that our lightning had just arrived at RAF Leachars after a full speed flight up the North Sea.

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