Liverpool Hillsborough Football Scandal Press Conference

  Bing.alau 14:32 12 Sep 2012

Has anybody been watching the Prime Minister and others apologising for the debacle of the Hillsborough scandal? Also in Liverpool at this moment there is a press conference going on which is very interesting about the stitch up which followed. If you aren't watching it you are missing an interesting program.

  Al94 17:44 12 Sep 2012


As an Everton supporter all my life, I have no particular love for Liverpool fans.**

You have summed up what is wrong with football. As a rugby supporter that sort of comment would rarely be heard. Supporters are more civilised, enjoy the game and enjoy cameraderie with supporters of opposing teams without this tribalistic rubbish.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:40 12 Sep 2012

I can't help thinking that the families of the dead want to blame everyone except the fans and are trying to make it look as though the fans were completely blameless. That cannot be right.

  wee eddie 14:50 12 Sep 2012

I think that there is little doubt that the results of the Actions, of the some of the Fans, could have been handled better and that the design of the Stadium was such that an occasion of this type was possible.

However there has been, in my mind, little doubt that the actions of some of the Fans caused injury and death to others.

  JYPX 19:29 14 Sep 2012

Almost every aspect of that day was a tragedy. After all these years I cannot even think about those huge photographs in the (Monday morning) papers without feeling upset about those young girls right at the front. I hope we can stick with all seater stadiums for top level football in the uk - permanently - and not listen to those clamouring for more atmosphere by introducing limited standing areas.

  wiz-king 14:52 12 Sep 2012

I don't see what he has to apologise for - he wasn't about when it happened.

  Bing.alau 15:03 12 Sep 2012

I remember seeing in a TV program some time ago, maybe it was Panorama, that the police opened certain gates which let the fans in to the area which was already overcrowded. These fans had paid to get in and obviously because the game had already started they pushed in to that area to see the game.

Whether that was the fault of the police or the fans is debatable.

It is the extent of the cover up afterward by the police and possibly people higher up (civil servants possibly) which is so shocking and causing all the problems. There is even speculation as to whether there was help in the cover up by the government of the day. (Mrs Thatcher visited the ground the next day). Senior police officers should be prosecuted for assisting in the cover up.

As an Everton supporter all my life, I have no particular love for Liverpool fans. But as football supporter I can only say the Authorities got this drastically wrong. The ground had been declared unsafe in many aspects. So really the game should not have been held there. Who do we blame for that? I would put that fault squarely on the FA itself.

Who stopped the ambulances from entering the ground? I bet the paramedics were chafing at the bit trying to get in there to do what they could. Somebody was responsible for them not being able to do so.

The PM has apologised of course as has the leader of the opposition for not doing more in the past to bring this to a conclusion. But now surely it is imperative that the people who covered up should be prosecuted and the victims should get huge amounts of compensation for 23 years of pain.

  Chegs ®™ 15:48 12 Sep 2012

The police were inept in their handling of the fans,and the chief police officer had no idea on how to manage crowds.The police opened an exit gate allowing an even bigger crush of fans,instead of closing the entrance gate once it was realised that two "pens" were already dangerously overcrowded.The media (The Sun)accused the fans of some outrageous behaviour towards the injured & those attempting to treat the injured.Those responsible for stopping more than two ambulances onto the pitch should hang their heads in shame.The coroner decided that 3:15pm was the cutoff time for any witnesses,despite many reports of injured fans surviving until after this time these accounts weren't heard at the inquest.

I watched an ITV program the other night about Hillsborough,and it brought tears to my eyes hearing the accounts from those who were there & lost family but weren't called to the inquest as the coroner had imposed the 3:15pm cutoff.

  Bing.alau 17:02 12 Sep 2012

Mr Mistoffelees/wee eddie/wiz-king.

Well perhaps now you may change your minds. You have been brainwashed by the media and the propaganda put out by the authorities over many years of cover ups. But it is not your fault many people in high places were also brainwashed.

I've just been listening to one of the paramedics who was waiting to get in to the ground. He said only three ambulances actually got in and it seems an awful lot of them were waiting outside. If they had been allowed in how many lives could have been saved?

There is no doubt in many minds here in Liverpool that there were some people in high up places and still are in high up places who should be prosecuted. I include a certain police officer in Sheffield.

It amazes me how many people on this forum still blame the fans. I don't doubt for a minute that there were a few fans who tried to get in without tickets. But those few were certainly not the cause of the disaster.

  Al94 17:37 12 Sep 2012

“Today’s report finds that 164 statements were significantly amended - and 116 explicitly removed negative comments about the policing operation - including its lack of leadership.”

"for the first time it has been revealed that South Yorkshire Ambulance Service documents were “subject to the same process” as police reports,"

"The documents show there was a delay from the emergency services when people were being crushed and killed."

"wrongful allegations about the fans’ behaviour later printed in some newspapers, particularly The Sun, originated from “a Sheffield press agency, senior SYP officers, an SYP Police Federation spokesperson and a local MP”.

Cover ups seems to be a fact of life in UK as in most other countries and I doubt if things have improved a lot in recent times. Greater transparency perhaps means there is less chance but I wouldn't be confident.

  Condom 22:23 12 Sep 2012

This was one of these things that I remember saying to myself " I bet you 30 years from now the truth will all come out and nobody will be around to take the blame".

I don't think I was far wrong.

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