Little liars.

  Þ² 12:27 09 Jun 2010

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Seems kids as young as 2 will be successful if they are able to lie convincingly, article suggests they may be bankers in adulthood... I'd suggest politics myself.

  Forum Editor 19:45 09 Jun 2010

that suggests children who lie may be bankers or politicians in later life is ridiculous.

There are plenty of lying bus drivers, shop assistants, bar staff, plumbers, doctors, and so on. There are liars in every walk of life, and almost everyone tells lies of some kind - it's an aspect of human nature.

  morddwyd 07:44 10 Jun 2010

I can remember a friend of mine being quite shocked when she asked her nine year (for innocent family reasons I hasten to add) "Do you think you you can lie to your Dad?"

"Oh yes" was the blithely confident reply, as though it was the easiest thing in the world, which it probably was!

  wee eddie 09:19 10 Jun 2010

statements made for personal gain and the fantastical lives that some kids indulge in.

It may well be correct that kids who have sufficient sense to realise that they can effect the outcome of a conversation by making untrue statements are brighter than the rest in some way other than just the ability to accumulate knowledge.

  gengiscant 09:25 10 Jun 2010

I have always believed that bankers and politicians do not lie, they are economical with the truth.

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