Little Indian girl undergoes 40hr operation

  TopCat® 14:34 06 Nov 2007

Nature can play some nasty tricks at times. Take for instance this little mite who was born with four arms and legs and is joined at the pelvis with her headless, underdeveloped twin. The operation is already underway and success will give her a chance of a normal life.

I fervently hope she comes through this mammoth operation and pray it will not be in vain. God Bless her and may He ease her suffering from the pain. TC.

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  TopCat® 14:43 06 Nov 2007

Here's a better description on how the operation will proceed. TC. click here

  Cymro. 16:02 06 Nov 2007

"I fervently hope she comes through this mammoth operation and pray it will not be in vain. God Bless her and may He ease her suffering from the pain." TC.

Would it not have been easier for God not to have put her in this position in the first place, and therefore avoid the need for him to ease her pain and suffering now?

  The 12th Man 17:08 06 Nov 2007

a religious discussion??

  TopCat® 18:09 06 Nov 2007

I think it is wonderful that after being turned away from local hospitals out there, this Doctor Patil happened to make a visit to that village. She had the compassion, optimism and will to at least give this child a chance in life, and I hope she and her teams succeed in that. Life is too precious to just dismiss out of hand and these dedicated medical teams are doing their best right now for this child. TC.

  Forum Editor 19:29 06 Nov 2007

this child is just one among many in India, although most are not so extreme. Travel through some of the remoter areas of the subcontinent and you'll see some pretty distressing sights.

It's a sobering thought that this case has only come to the attention of the world's media because of its rather bizarre nature. What will ease this child's suffering is a happy outcome, and I think that is going to be down to the skill of the surgeons, rather than any divine intervention. She's lucky, if you can use that term; there are many other children in India who are condemned to a short and unhappy life because of congenital defects that aren't so newsworthy.

  mammak 20:21 06 Nov 2007

I really hope the operation goes well for the wee darling, she is such a bonnie looking wee lass!

  interzone55 21:26 06 Nov 2007

If you travel in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, around Bhopal you will see some terrible sights. I found it very difficult visiting some villages.

A friend of mine has traveled through the area around Chernobyl and there's a lot of badly deformed children in orphanages and hospitals.

Now if the likes of Madonna chose to adopt children from these places I would be the first in line to congratulate her, but she only choses photogenic children.

  mammak 21:56 06 Nov 2007

When I first looked at the photo of this little girl I did not see her disability's I firstly saw her beautiful heart warming cute little face.

  bluto1 22:11 06 Nov 2007

Firstly, thanks for bringing this to my notice.
Secondly, for the first time I agree totally with FE's input, and in my own way will pray that the surgeons, doctors And perhaps scientists get it right.

  mammak 09:26 07 Nov 2007

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good news.

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