A little bit of xmas shopping

  bumpkin 21:58 21 Dec 2015

My wife being unwell I had to get the xmas fare, ok a lot of stuff but having gone through the check out I had a nasty shock £321.31

  [DELETED] 22:13 21 Dec 2015

I know the feeling only too well!

  Aitchbee 23:22 21 Dec 2015

bumpkin - you must have been influenced by that hilarious Dave Allen supermarket story that was aired on here last week ... he only went in to buy a loaf!

  BT 07:53 22 Dec 2015

..he only went in to buy a loaf!

I dropped into Tesco yesterday, while out on another errand, to pick up a couple of packets of cough sweets and ended up spending £15 (cough sweets were 60p a packet).Mind you though it was madness in there with people buying enough food that would last us about 4 weeks. I will finish my Xmas online order today and it will be delivered tomorrow. well worth the £1.50 charge for someone else to brave the crowds and deliver it to my door.

  morddwyd 08:28 22 Dec 2015

Three hundred quid would keep me going for about six months (and I don't stint myself)!

  bumpkin 11:14 22 Dec 2015

I would like to think it will keep us going for longer than a week:-) No presents included just food, drink and everyday household goods.

  spuds 12:00 22 Dec 2015

I was out and about yesterday, and every where I went, the checkouts were doing very well. Even car parking spaces were at a premium.

Food wise, very little was spent, but there was really no need, with the amount of food we already have in stock. Even the Christmas turkey won't be on the list, something more mundane!.

  Forum Editor 13:45 22 Dec 2015

Overheard by me, yesterday, in our local supermarket: "We'd better get another tin of Quality street, just in case".

In case of what - in case you finish the first one before the shops open, two days after Christmas? You can smell panic in the air - those peaches in brandy are there, on the shelf, so we had better buy some, just in case.

I'm just as bad. Every Christmas I buy a jar of pickled onions, because (I tell my wife when she asks what on earth I'm doing) I might fancy one or two with cheese on Boxing day. I have one or two on Boxing day, and round about June each year my wife chucks the remainder in the bin.

I do the same with chestnuts - buy at least two of those nets full, have a few over Christmas, and they go in the bin in mid-january, usually after a few feeble protests of 'Don't throw them away, I'll have some when I fancy them'.

It's been that way for years, and I have no excuse whatsoever.

  bumpkin 14:18 22 Dec 2015

FE, I think you have summed it up rather well. In my case I took my 30yr old son with me and despite giving him a specific list for him and one for me we both fell for the just in case scenario hence 2 giant trolley loads. As he was not paying anything was thrown in for good measure.

I hate supermarkets and in hindsight should have done it online but it did not occur to me as my wife would go to supermarkets frequently when she was well so we didn't order groceries on line.

I am not keen on turkey but others wanted it so we have a compromise roast beef xmas day and turkey boxing day. Nice bit of beef found £12 which is reasonable, picked up a turkey crown and it was £44, that went back until I found what they call a small one and that was £16. The other thing that surprised me was how cheap alcohol is. 15 cans of Fosters Lager £10 or 3 boxes for £24 so if you only want 2 then you get 3 "just in case". A litre bottle of spirits only £15.

A lesson learned, on line shopping for me in the new year.

  morddwyd 16:13 22 Dec 2015

What amazes me, every year, is that come Boxing Day (they only shut for the one day up here) the supermarkets will be packed with shoppers with trolleys absolutely jampacked!

  spuds 16:21 22 Dec 2015

"What amazes me, every year, is that come Boxing Day (they only shut for the one day up here) the supermarkets will be packed with shoppers with trolleys absolutely jampacked!"

Possibly bargain hunter's, buying the sell by date left-overs from the Christmas eve sales;o))

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