A little afternoon source of..

  Stuartli 13:59 17 Jul 2005


So Britain has beaten the French in another famous victory and landed the Olympics. But let's be fair.... what about all those famous French victories?

Go into Google and type 'French Military Victories' and then press the 'I feel lucky' option.

  Wilham 14:13 17 Jul 2005

Yes, I see the joke.

But what about the Norman Conquest?

  Stuartli 15:00 17 Jul 2005

Better ask Google...:-)

  Wilham 15:09 17 Jul 2005

....And we (Anglo-French?)were booted out of Calais about 500 years later.

Ah well!

  Ancient Learner 15:13 17 Jul 2005

If you go straight from here by typing 'French - - , instead of the lucky bit, which is not available, you get a load of stuff including ' The Complete Military History of France
Normans proceed to become just about the only positive military bonus in France's'.

Great stuff! And good fun.

I expect that Google are now having to defend against a viscious verbal and abusive attack.

  [email protected]@ 15:26 17 Jul 2005

Reminds me of a joke my grandad who fought in WW1 used to tell,

What colour is the French battleflag -

Answer - White cross on a white background.

  Forum Editor 17:36 17 Jul 2005

has been doing the rounds for ages, and I don't think it's in the interests of entente cordiale to perpetuate it here; particularly not in view of some of our contributors' warped idea of humour.

If a similar thread appeared about Britain and maligned our flag I'm sure you can imagine what the reaction would be. Put yourselves in the positon of our French forum members and try to be a little less inconsiderate.

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