List of UNSAFE Airlines.!

  tein 13:13 03 Oct 2009

Very worrying! why are they STILL opperating.?

click here


click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:28 03 Oct 2009

To be truthful anyone using any of the listed airlines which happen to be in the world's dodgiest countries, needs their bumps feeling and if they have to use them, they will being paid shedloads. The list is a bit like informing the world that The Pope is catholic and sleeps in a single bed.


  dagbladet 13:29 03 Oct 2009


I think it's bad form to place a 'click here' that directly downloads a file.

  p;3 13:39 03 Oct 2009

My pop-up blocker did its job and stopped the second link ;maybe the FE can newter it ....

  Forum Editor 13:46 03 Oct 2009

mentioned in the list, but was quite glad to set foot on the ground again in both cases. Otherwise, I wouldn't board an aircraft belonging to any of the listed companies if I could possibly avoid it.

When it comes to flying I want the aircraft to have a big name on the side - the bigger the better.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:06 03 Oct 2009

The second link is only a pdf...panic over.


  tein 14:58 03 Oct 2009

dagbladet! its not a file its a webpage.??

  Forum Editor 17:38 03 Oct 2009

the second link in the original post is to a PDF file, not a web-page. There's no danger attached to downloading a PDF, so we can all sleep soundly tonight.

  tein 17:52 03 Oct 2009

sorry yes FE is correct its jsut a PDF..

  Chegs ®™ 17:57 03 Oct 2009

I have just tried to locate this "Republic" & was unsuccessful,perhaps Brumas should use it as 1 of his Identification Longshots. :)

  Bingalau 19:06 03 Oct 2009

Chegs. Can you pronounce that word because I can't even with my teeth in.

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