On-line chemists/medicine sales

  spikeychris 16:54 30 Jan 2005

I'm thinking of doing a piece on this subject for work and if the FE agrees I would like to hear any stories anyone has regarding buying medicine on-line. The costs are huge but there is obviously a call for it. Can you trust what it is you are buying? click here How can you be sure that the med you are buying won't interfere with any other medication you are taking? Have you been ripped off?

  anchor 17:51 30 Jan 2005

Having worked in the Pharmaceutical world most of my life, I would strongly advise everyone without specialised knowledge, NOT to take any medication without taking professional advise.

  pj123 18:08 30 Jan 2005

I get quite a few emails giving me preferential prices for medicines.

I would prefer to trust my doctor to tell me what medicines I should be taking.

All of these emails are deleted straight away.

  PurplePenny 23:31 30 Jan 2005

It depends on the online source. Many are bona-fide and require a faxed prescription before they will supply.

If the US pharmacies would accept a UK vet's scrip I would certainly buy from somewhere reputable like Island Pharmacy; they can compound drugs into a more palatable form, a service that our pharmacists are prohibited to offer under current UK law.

Here we are used to paying only the prescription charge so I suppose that online drugs may be seem expensive. In the US the cost of buying meds online is often cheaper than buying locally. For instance on my feline-hyperthyroid support group many US members buy online (some from Canadian pharmacies) precisely because it saves them a great deal of money.

The US FDA website has warnings about using online pharmacies outside the US. I can't help feeling though that the warnings are in part to stop the dollars going to Canada.

As with all online shopping you have to be careful where you place your order. I would never buy from any of the companies that send out the spam, that's for sure.

  wiz-king 18:17 31 Jan 2005

I can certainly point you in the right direction if you want info. I deal with the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency click here and I work for a homeopathic pharmacy that ships raw materials and finished products worldwide. I could most certainly explain that side of the biz. If you get going on your project I can help you navigat round the website - its huge.

  spuds 18:29 31 Jan 2005

Possibly slightly off tangent here,but I deal with a veterinary product company who sell via mail order and website. The products are all from well known brand named sources, with good prices. Comparing the price from this outlet to that of my vet, I can save some serious money over the year.The only slight drawback, is that my animals medications require a prescription from the vet, which is chargeable.Phone or on-line order for usually next day delivery, which is a great thing,if you do not want to keep large quantities of serious drugs on your premises.

I would add that the 'Dr Shipman' events have caused a slight problem with on-line and mail order purchasing here within the UK, with regards to prescription drugs,government safeguards have been tightened up considerably.Whether the law is more lenient in the USA,I do not know.

  PurplePenny 20:44 31 Jan 2005

Online pharmacies in the US require a prescrition too.

Does the company that you deal with supply NeoMercazole (carbimazole) or Felimazole (methimazole)? If so please would you use the yellow envelope to send me their URL.

  VoG II 23:06 31 Jan 2005

Please note: a chemist is not a pharmacist. They are very different animals. In simple terms a pharmacist will tell you what may work. A chemist may tell you to sod off because he only knows about (a) petrochemicals (for example), or (b) he may just say I can't help you, or (c) (as myself) have a go and try to use molecular orbital theory to explain why a particular drug works.

Actually I should have put myself into (b) - do not expect any Schroedinger wave equations here.

In short - this is a bad idea and I am indebted to Djohn for pointing this out elsewhere.

  PurplePenny 00:21 01 Feb 2005

A pharmacist *is* a chemist but a chemist is not necessarily a pharmacist. The OED definition of a chemist includes: "a dealer in medical drugs". Traditionally in the UK the people that we now call pharmacists were called chemists. Many people still speak of going to the chemist to pick up a prescription.

  end 01:09 01 Feb 2005

I frequently get emails inviting me to "buy this that and the other", most of which I now preview in Mailwasher; it is tempting to buy drugs on-line, but what are we wanting them for? our GP is the person who has our record of our health (or lack of) and what drugs we are sensitive to or allergic to; if you start ordering and taking drugs from an on-line source, unless you have a degreee in pharmacology ( which I do not), then who are you to go prescribing stuff for yourself ( and writing this has brought to mind the legality of so doing ?); I do wonder if it is companies trying to "make a quick buck on the side"; if things "go wrong " who will pick up the tab.
conversely , I do order and use stuff that I buy on line that is "health" related;( however, I do have the advantage of being within the medical profession, but what people can "do" to themselves by taking wrong or inapproprite medicines makes me shudder; and those who use the internet for their medicines ; please go to your GP ; far safer;(will be interesting to learn of any horror stories though) )

and, the stuff u get from the chemist has been ordered and purchased from regulated and approved suppliers ( at least in the UK they are); how do you know that the "on line chemist" is "approved and legitimate" for selling the medicine ? you dont:)

  Newuser38 18:55 01 Feb 2005

UK Vets may only prescribe, direct or via prescription, for animals under their care. See click here for disciplinary proceedings on the subject.

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