on line auctions - any crazy bids?

  v1asco 10:37 31 Dec 2004

Just been browsing the Comet Clearance Auction Site click here and again it seems somebody has bid close to the shop price for an article.

The other day someone actually overbid by about £20.

Can Auction Fever exist on the net?

If you check the bid history there are some strange going ons there as well. One person bid the minimum £15 then bid against himself and upped another £60.

I have never attended an auction and am interested if any one on this site has any tales about web auctions for the unwary.

Have a great New Year All


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:52 31 Dec 2004

I and my partner both use eBay and frequently see examples of people paying too much for things. I think they either get carried away or are just plain stupid.

Only 2 years ago an American bought my old copy of Windows 98SE, with original manual and product key, for £83!

  Belatucadrus 01:20 02 Jan 2005

When I was bidding for a new HP/Compaq CRT for my PC via the old Freeserve auction site it was some time before I got one because 'Auction fever' does get hold of bidders, they become so intent on winning that the fact they are no longer getting a bargain seems to pass them by. For most PC hardware just decide what you want, check the price and decide what you will pay. Then stick to it, resist the temptation to add just another pound

or ten, clicking on that 'Bid again' button is sooooo easy. It's not the quickest way to get stuff, but there are bargains if you act in a disciplined manner.
( Just got a new PCMCIA modem card off e-bay, delivered for £10, well pleased ).

  watchful 07:49 02 Jan 2005

If there is any 'bid history' it's best to check this first as there are occasional 'shill bidders' who should be reported.

The best advice is, as already said, decide how much you want to pay and stick to it.

Don't buy from anyone who has a lot of recent, negative feedback.

I bought an 'as new' boxed scanner for half the retail price and it was delivered before they had cashed my cheque so there are bargains to be had and some very reliable sellers.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:56 02 Jan 2005

about someone sold the winning horses manure,good smelling huh? ;).this went up to like £400 or summit.

  conrail 20:18 02 Jan 2005

heard a rumour that somebody paid £90 for an air guitar, the next day there was a "how to play the air guitar" manual, cannot confirm though, maybe others have seen it!

  octal 20:40 02 Jan 2005

Who or what are 'shill bidders' please?

Excuse my higorance, just curious. Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 21:24 02 Jan 2005

'shill bidders' bogus bidders who bid only to get things going on the auction, to imply that the item is of interest to a few people. Thus getting genuine buyers to increase their bids. The shill bidder has no interest in buying the object and may be working with the seller who obviously has no interest in letting the item go at the 90p opening bid.

  octal 08:36 03 Jan 2005

Oh right, thanks. I don't use Ebay, but I do look at it occasionally, I'll remember that.

  PurplePenny 22:27 03 Jan 2005

.... is against eBay rules so if you do spot it going on be sure to report it.

People do pay silly prices on online auctions. I recall that when mini digital cameras first came out they were £42 in the shops yet people were snapping them up on eBay at a Buy It Now price of £52 plus p+p.

I've seen similar things happen at real life auctions - two people get locked in a bidding frenzy and neither will back down; suddenly the price has gone far over the item's real value. In live auctions as in online auctions the only safe way to do it is to decide beforehand what an item is worth TO YOU and don't go above that.

The weirdest auction I ever saw was for a haunted wardrobe. I laughed when I first saw it but when I read the description it sent a chill up my spine.

  skaria 17:30 09 Jan 2005

david beckhams m3 bought buy 1 guy for 16000
sold by another for 91000. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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