On-line Abuse

  Bingalau 12:59 22 Feb 2007

I'm not sure if this is the place to put this thread, but here goes... My thirteen year old grand daughter has a web site. She is receiving nasty messages from other youngsters on the site. The language is vile in some of the messages she is getting. Has anyone got any advice how to stop it please. My daughter is thinking of going to the police, but thinks this will only raise the tension in her school which some of her antagonists also attend. I've suggested to my daughter and grand daughter that they cease using the site and start afresh. ..Bingalau..

  Kate B 13:00 22 Feb 2007

That's appalling, I'm very sorry to hear this. I suspect the first step is for her parents to speak very firmly to the head teacher at the school, with printouts as evidence, saying very clearly that unless this is stopped immediately and the offenders dealt with, the police will be involved.

Schools I think these days take bullying pretty seriously; and they won't want the police involved so I hope they'll stamp it out quickly.

  anskyber 13:04 22 Feb 2007

Good advice. Sorry to hear about such stupidity Bingalau.

  Bingalau 13:07 22 Feb 2007

Kate B; anskeyber. Thanks for quick replies and those are the lines I was thinking of. I will also copy these replies if you don't mind and show them to my daughter. ..Bingalau..

  rodriguez 13:24 22 Feb 2007

I'd go with Kate and go straight to the school. They'll regard it as bullying and should still deal with it whether it's outside school time or not. If the police get involved I don't think they will bring heavy prosecutions, but they'll pay a visit and that should be enough to worry a 13 year old school bully, but the school will probably sort it out. Then advise your daughter not to use these sites anymore. This problem is widespread and happens all the time - I know people who have these sites and you always get someone posting abuse on there because they don't like that person. A lot of kids think it's cool to make up a website and then because anyone is free to post messages on it, people who take a dislike to her can post anything they want. Some sites, such as Piczo, falsly claim to store the IP address of people who post - they have something that says "You're IP address is and will be stored..." but 172 is an internal address for networks so it's fake. So sites like these don't have any real security and should be avoided.

It's best to treat it as school bullying and let the school sort it out, if they don't sort it out then get the police to have a word. Also load up the page in the head teacher's office rather than printing it out - that way the bullies can't just say that it's been typed in and edited by you.

  Bingalau 13:30 22 Feb 2007

rodriguez. Thanks for that input. It makes sense to me and how did you guess the site name? I will now send these few comments to my daughter and maybe she can get a result today. ..Bingalau..

  rodriguez 14:24 22 Feb 2007

I guessed the site name because everyone I know who has one of these websites uses Piczo. A few years ago, people used to use one called Freewebs, but now it seems everyone's moved to Piczo and MySpace.

  Kate B 14:26 22 Feb 2007

Bingalau, by all means copy and use my response; and let us know how you get on. Poor wee thing, bullying is horrible and it's somehow even more personal when it's online because it's right inside your house - and your head. I hope she's going to be ok, but I suspect she will be as she clearly has a loving and supportive family.

  mammak 14:41 22 Feb 2007

I fully agree with everything Kate and everyone else have said with regards to this bullying, I can only add one suggestion are you able to contact the site admin with the user names of the ones that are bullying your grand daughter? they might be able to do something as well as her school,

good luck and I hope you are able to sort it out it is a horrible experince for a child to have to go through.

  mammak 14:46 22 Feb 2007

experince = experience

  [email protected] 14:47 22 Feb 2007

Bingalau. any chance of blocking the IP from this youth..? as you said she's got a website...? but the above suggestions are the best.....

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