Lincoln Film. Has it been released?

  Bing.alau 20:11 21 Feb 2013

I ask because I don't seem to be able to find it in any of my local cinemas. I was under the impression that it was released last weekend. But no sign of it on the cinema listings I have looked at.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:24 21 Feb 2013

According to the IMDB website it was released on the 25th January.

  Joseph Kerr 23:48 21 Feb 2013

Yes it has been released. Mind. I have known my local Cineworld make some odd choice about what (not0 to show, when, and for how long...

  Quickbeam 00:29 22 Feb 2013

He gets shot at the end I heard, no point in going now...

  muddypaws 08:38 22 Feb 2013

We saw it at Bluewater about a fortnight ago.

  carver 08:50 22 Feb 2013

I haven't seen it but a neighbour has and he said it's about as accurate as the film U-571

  Quickbeam 08:59 22 Feb 2013

He gets shot in a submarine cinema showing Gone With The Wind...?

  Al94 10:10 22 Feb 2013

click here

Enter your post code and it will show nearest cinemas showing it

  Forum Editor 10:58 22 Feb 2013

It's been on general release for a while.

My wife has seen the film, so far I haven't. She was impressed, and said that Daniel Day-Lewis is magnificent. The reviews I've read have been mixed, some saying it's a remarkable film, others not so impressed.

I tend to ignore reviews because in the past I have loved films which were panned by the critics, and hated some that got rave reviews. As always, it's best to make up your own mind.

  Bing.alau 14:18 22 Feb 2013

Thanks for all the information folks, but so far none has been any good to me. My fault because I now find that although the film is being shown it is at what I now call "an ungodly hour" in other words it is on too late in the evening for me. None of the pictures I want to see are showing as an afternoon matinee. It is a fact that as one gets older one tends to fall asleep after about 20,00 hrs. It happens to me these days so I tend to go to places in the daytime when I am guaranteed to remain awake. (I hope).

Django Unchained, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and The Impossible are all on late evenings. There are films showing at a reasonable hour but not ones that interest me... Les Mis is on in the afternoons but as I have already seen it I do not wish to see it again. I think I will phone my local cinema to complain. "Victor Meldrew here, When are you twerps going to do something about....etc...etc...?"

  Quickbeam 15:09 22 Feb 2013

Wait for the DVD release like me:)

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