Limit foreign footballers say MPs

  sl2 22:53 03 Feb 2008

Bit of a clicky subject i think

click here

  DANZIG 23:27 03 Feb 2008

To tell the truth, I personally have very little interest in the 'beautiful game', but my other half loves it (up the 'toon apparently).

However I have to agree with the guy in that article. It would be nice to hear a few more English names in English footy teams.

  Kemistri 00:17 04 Feb 2008

MPs have a great many far more important things to deal with. Such as: how we are all going to afford to pay for the Olympics; whether British athletes are sufficiently funded to compete effectively; whether kids have enough sports facilities at school; whether communities have good public sports centres.....

  Totally-braindead 01:25 04 Feb 2008

Dangerous ground there Keminstri to suggest that theres more important things than football.
Very dangerous.

Can't stand the football myself but I don't really want the Olympics here either.

  birdface 09:15 04 Feb 2008

This has been tried before limiting 2 Foreign players to any club.But now because we are in Europe it would be classed as discrimination not to allow foreign players to play for any club.Although it limits the choice of picking Top Home International players it has brought us a higher class of league football.The problem is it does not seem to affect European international teams as they have a lot of foreign players playing for them as well.Being from north of the border.I can remember when Scottish players were in big demand all over the world.And I don't like saying this.But have they even got a world class player nowadays.

  pj123 15:41 04 Feb 2008

Never mind the players, what about the Managers?

How can a foreigner manage the England Football Team? What happens when England has to play the team from the country where the manager is from?

Who's side is he likely to be on?

Of course, with all the foreign players we have now do we have enough players to pick an England team?

I am not the least interested in Football or Rugby but my partner is and I feel sorry for her when we don't have enought players to pick from.

  birdface 17:26 04 Feb 2008

How about changing the rules a bit.So that any Foreign player [say in the English league]can play for England.the same with the rest of the Home Countries.Or even a different type of International where you play for the same Country as you play for in the league.,That would give you twice as many International games and would great spectacle for the real football supporters.Only a thought but it makes a bit of sense to me.And before you ask.I don't smoke,And I don't sniff.

  Bingalau 17:46 04 Feb 2008

That would be an entirely different ball game, as the saying goes.

  anskyber 17:58 04 Feb 2008


I repeat, 1966. The world cup came to England.

It is only relatively recently that foreign players were permitted in large numbers and up to that time we still did not do anything special.

It's just part of the excuses brigade who want to blame anything and anyone for the performance of basically a bunch of average players.

There is something more serious wrong with English football, but that is another topic.

  Jim Thing 23:15 04 Feb 2008

***What's Wrong With English Football — The Oscars***

The nominees are:

— The massed ranks of politically correct nutcases, for preaching that competitive sport is bad for kids because somebody has to lose. (Losing makes the kiddywinks sad, d'ye see, and sends them galloping off in search of compensation, counselling, etc.)

— Local politicians, for listening to the song of the above nutcases and thinking "What a splendid excuse for flogging off all the school playing fields to housing developers and supermarket chains."

— Sky Television, for the obscene amount of its money that is swilling around the Premier League, attracting mercenaries from around the world like wasps around rotten fruit.


Rupert Murdoch, whose money has bought us a national team fit to represent the third-world country that we are so rapidly becoming.

(Here's hoping Switzerland have a bad day on Wednesday).

  anskyber 23:30 04 Feb 2008

Some of the closest things I have read to pure nonsense on this site.

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