Light's going out of fashion.....

  realist 17:59 27 Sep 2007

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I shall be stockpiling "normal" light bulbs to use in conjunction with our many dimmer switches, and various pir sensor controlled security lights we have and which are said to be non-compatible with energy saving bulbs.

  jimv7 18:06 27 Sep 2007

This is true "Light's going out of fashion....."

I recently popped into the local butchers and asked for lights, he said "we don't sell light bulbs here"

He has never heard of this, and he calls himself a family butcher.

  Forum Editor 18:35 27 Sep 2007

To hell with the planet, then?

  wallbash 20:11 27 Sep 2007

What about dimmed mood lightning?

Choice of a romantic evening ....tonight


Saving the planet tommorow

My hormone's win every every time!

Try scrapping the VAT on the new bulbs
give us some concrete insentive to change

  interzone55 21:27 27 Sep 2007

We tried the new "energy saving" bulbs, but had to go back to proper incandescent bulbs. My wife has quite poor eyesight, and also suffers quite badly from SAD, so because these new bulbs are not as bright as the the old ones they're just no good in our house.


I used to have to pop into the Co-Op butchers to buy lights for my gran, she used to boil them up & feed them to her dogs.

  Sic 21:45 27 Sep 2007

To hell with the planet then? As you have told us many times, you love a good flight several times a year for business. So taking the moral highground over some lightbulbs is laughable.

But like all good eco warriors im sure your airline travel is totally neccessary.

People who may have just renovated a house with new light fittings that take the 'old' bulbs have every right to stockpile bulbs if they dont wish to have to renew all their fittings in less than 4 years time.

My house is a mixture of energy saving in hallways and external lights / garages, mains voltahe halogens in the kitchen and bathrooms and good old ES candle bulbs in the lounge and dinning room, which shall remain well past 2011 as they all got done this year!

  Riojaa 21:51 27 Sep 2007

I don't get the fashionable moan of 'these new bulbs are not as bright as the the old ones'.

What can't be done in the daylight that's has to be done in the evening/night.
If it's reading then try a reading lamp.

As most people spend their time watching tv or pc so why the need for big white light bright rooms?

Knitting and sewing can be done with your eyes closed or while'st watching Aboronation Street, I'm told.

  alB 22:51 27 Sep 2007

Try your local Morrisons, Low energy bulbs of varying degrees of wattage @ 99p BOGOF, not a bad deal really ...alB

  Forum Editor 23:34 27 Sep 2007

Don't be daft.

I earn my living partly by travelling - it's what I do, and I have little choice but to fly. I can't walk to Hong Kong, and it's not as if I'm off on holiday each time. Advocating a change to low-energy light-bulbs isn't 'taking the moral high ground', it's just plain common-sense - something you lacked when you made your sniping comment.

  octal 23:46 27 Sep 2007

How much more resources are used in making a low energy lamp over the conventional one, there's a lot more gubbins in a low energy lamp than the standard glow plugs.

  robgf 00:45 28 Sep 2007

"How much more resources are used in making a low energy lamp over the conventional one, there's a lot more gubbins in a low energy lamp than the standard glow plugs."

Must be considerably more, they also contain some nasty chemicals, including mercury. On the plus side, they do last much longer (depending on the make).
I use them throughout my house, the only problem being that they are considerably dimmer than standard bulbs. It doesn't worry me unduly, but if I was married I dare say that I would need more than one 20 watt CFL in the living room!

You can now use CFLs with dimmer switches, see here:
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