Lightning strike teenager dies

  Blackhat 22:46 30 Jun 2009

This is my back yard. I heard the thunder clap from this strike just down the road from my house.
click here

Only a few years ago we had the Birmingham tornado, just missed my house by about 1000m, came closer to my brother, his neighbour lost his roof.
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I got ‘buzzed’ by a lightening strike while jogging past a shop that got struck a few years before, big tingles and lost the screen on my digital stopwatch.

Its not safe around here!

  Forum Editor 17:52 01 Jul 2009

I won't pop round for that drink.

  cream. 18:18 01 Jul 2009

How terrible for that poor lads family to loose a son only 17 years old.

Lightning is not very accurate, it hit the wrong shop in blackhat's second link.

  peter99co 19:18 01 Jul 2009

My close call was 20/30 ft away in the 1970's. Lightning and BANG in one go. About ten of us sheltering nearly jumped out of our skin. We were in a doorway and the lightning luckily hit a telegraph pole on the opposite side of the road.

  laurie53 20:16 01 Jul 2009

One of the rules when working with explosives is that if thunderstorms are imminent you lock up and evacuate.

In the mid eighties I was in just such a situation when my boss, of some 16 months experience against my 34 years, ordered me to carry on until it "got closer".

The nest thing was a strike about about 400 metres away, quite loud and quite bright..............

I nearly lost my pension that day!

Luckily the senior warrant officer, and two others, managed to intercept me and keep my hands from his throat.

  User-1229748 00:00 02 Jul 2009

i live just down the a45 from you and only noticed one strike of lightning during that storm,absolutely tragic for the poor lad and his family and friends.

  interzone55 08:51 02 Jul 2009

Are kids not told that it's rarely a good idea to shelter from a storm under a lightning conductor.

I'm sure there was a similar story a couple of weeks ago of a girl who was killed whilst sheltering under a tree...

  dagbladet 12:06 02 Jul 2009

"Are kids not told that it's rarely a good idea to shelter from a storm under a lightning conductor"

To be honest I've never given mine any kind of specific lightning drills. It's never really occured to me to. Notwithstanding this tragic accident, it's still not right up there on the things to do list.

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