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  Noldi 11:08 08 Jun 2010

It looks a bit chilly for me though.

click here

Shame things like this are not making our news at the moment instead of Job losses budget cuts and knife crime etc.


  Monoux 11:10 08 Jun 2010

Brrrr -- brings a new meaning to frozen assets

  Quickbeam 11:18 08 Jun 2010

Natural pinnacles are one of natures most impressive sights click here

Yes, seaside postcard humour...

  spuds 12:53 08 Jun 2010

Perhaps a good business venture to be had here.

A decent clothe and mountain gear shop. Don't forget the chilblain and rosy cheek lotion ;o))

  ella33 13:03 08 Jun 2010

Hmmm, haven't we had beautiful sunsets lately? It is difficult to believe that the last pic was anywhere in England!

As for the original post, I liked the quote from the report, "Taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut"! I have it is very hot up in someof the mountains...remember Heidi leaving a trail of clothes behind her, as they climbed?

It did make me laugh of course but seriously it looks great fun. I think the boots and gloves are a good idea though.

  Noldi 14:00 08 Jun 2010

"Appenzell is considered one of the most conservative regions of Switzerland; it gave women the vote only in 1990."

This guy obviously does not have a Chippendale physique or the vote could have gone the other way.


  spuds 14:11 08 Jun 2010

"remember Heidi leaving a trail of clothes behind her, as they climbed?"

Perhaps hypothermia was setting in!.

  Quickbeam 14:59 08 Jun 2010

I thought it was a trail of breadcrumbs, or am I confusing Heidi with Gretel...?

  ella33 15:17 08 Jun 2010

Yes, that was Gretel, when the wicked stepmother took them for a walk in the wood.

Heidi was being taken by her equally not very nice aunt, to Grandfather's cottage in the mountains as he was her next of kin. Heidi was made to put on all her clothes for the walk up the mountain to save her aunt from carrying a bag! (Don't you love fairy stories!)

So Heidi decided to lose all her clothes on the way because you don't need clothes up a mountain, you see! She was obviously before her time, as the Appenzell walkers are!

I can't really believe I posted that, I ust have had a drink after lunch.

  Quickbeam 20:08 08 Jun 2010

All the best posts have an incredible side:)

  Legolas 19:13 12 Jun 2010

I am disappointed I thought this thread was about the latest in lighter technology only to find out it is about naked people climbing mountains......I need to get out more

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