Life Without Men!

  jakimo 19:12 09 Jul 2009

Would that mean a world of lesbians,would they be content to have just their own kind as company for a lifetime,or would there be more strife than there is now

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  Armchair 19:30 09 Jul 2009

They'll probably develop some sort of male sex robot they can boss about, with a rubber member, like in the Asimov novels. An automatic lover........

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  laurie53 20:33 09 Jul 2009

"Would that mean a world of lesbians"

A woman who prefers the company of women to that of men is not necessarily a lesbian, any more than I am homosexual if I go down the pub for a night out with the boys.

Many women only see men as necessary to father children.

If scientists ever do succeed in creating viable sperm we may well become redundant!

  rickf 10:37 10 Jul 2009

"Isle of Lesbos" come to mind

  beynac 11:51 10 Jul 2009

If there were no men, who would women blame for anything? ;-)

There is an old saying: "If a man talks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him; is he still wrong?"

  dagnammit 12:07 10 Jul 2009

Humans have sex for fun as well as baby production.

  User-1229748 12:17 10 Jul 2009

a world full of women drivers ;-)

  interzone55 12:24 10 Jul 2009

I'm thinking we may lose this thread when FE finds it...

  smartpoly 12:54 10 Jul 2009

I can never find a decent man when I want one anyway.

  Picklefactory 12:55 10 Jul 2009

There would be no FE either, it would be a woman running the forum............

  Picklefactory 12:56 10 Jul 2009

Do you always find indecent ones? ;o)

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