Life behind bars

  Old Shep 10:46 22 Jul 2004

Owning a computer these days is akin to putting bars on the windows of your house to keep out the burglars,vandals,hooligans etc. Since moving to XP I need McAfee Anti Virus, A Firewall, Spybot Search & Destroy,Spyblaster, Adaware, Spam Filters Pop up blockers and Hotfixes from MS to name a few.It seems my computer is not safe without them.

Now I would consider myself a safe 'surfer' as I do not visit Porn sites,P2P File sharing or any other 'iffy' sites. However I have still been hit by viruses,adware and a phone dialler.

Having had a computer for nearly 10 years starting off on dial up pay as you go I have never had a problem going through Windows 95,98 and ME. Let us just hope (and pray) that Microsoft get their SP2 right and we can do away with all this silliness and be able to surf safely without constantly scanning our systems.

  spuds 11:52 22 Jul 2004

Like all things in life, this will never happen.Safe surfing can never be an 100% thing, as peoples knowledge barrier extends to proving that some system or activity can be defeated by a unscruplious few.

  Diemmess 12:11 22 Jul 2004

Still using Win98SE pretending there's nothing better!...........

Of course there is, and only a week or so ago a friend in a discussion like this said "-But if you move to XP you are pestered with viruses and all the rest".

Using an obsolescent system because it is less targeted these days by the vandals, is running away. I used to pick up a virus once in a blue moon now AVG finds something most weeks

I like to think I stay with 98 because it serves me well.......... Already the umpteenth box rebuild will have to serve, because a new quicker CPU will be too much even for 98.

  Jackcoms 13:22 22 Jul 2004

I disagree. It's not system specific. You can just as likely be a victim of viruses, adware, spyware, etc, etc whichever system you use.

The fact of the matter is that there are more idiots out there now with nothing better to do than create these threats.

  €dstowe 13:29 22 Jul 2004

Whatever system is developed to counter these antisocial nerds, they will be only one step away of over-riding the technology designed to stop them as well as developing new and even more udesirable programs.

I can see a day when you will need a, say, 120GB minimum hard drive on every machine. 100Gb of that is filled with software to counter the undesirables and 20GB that you can actually use.


  JYPX 13:57 22 Jul 2004

Old Shep, I don't think it will happen unless Microsoft decide that they will take on the mantle of AV, anti-spyware, anti-trojan provider, and cover all of the bases that you mention - in house. Although they could do that - putting some companies out of business within months I would guess - I don't think they will.
And that means that your list of software will just get longer and longer.

  Dorsai 20:55 22 Jul 2004

As the CPu gets faster, the software gets hungrier, so the programs we run run no faster than the old version ran on the old CPU.

As the amount of memory on the PC get larger the program gets larger, so insted of runnign a prog on 4MB ram, and having 1MB free, we run it on 1GB, and have 250Mb free, Still 25% free.

As HDD's get bigger the OS bloats in step.

My first PC had a 250MB HDD, and about 75% was left after WIN95.

Now i have 160GB, and WINXP uses 8GB. A bit more left for me. But i used to be able to fit the OS on a 250MB HDD, and have room left. Now It takes 16 times the space. And runs no faster, even though the old win 95 PC had a 66Mhz CPu, and i now have a 1.6Ghz PC.

And My memory runs at 266MHz, not 33Mhz, the HDD is Raid 0 on ATA100, and i cant remember what the old system was ATA33??

every time the harware makers take a step foward, the sortware wrighters take us a step back.

The end result it that it now takes just as long to do what we did 10 years ago, but now we do it in 16Million colour, with 5.1 Digital suround sound, at 1024x768 res, instead of 8 bit grey scale,in silence, at 240x480 res.

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