License Fee

  Þ² 10:54 13 May 2010

With no plans for the BB tax, money is meant to be coming from the license fee and private investment for better internet.

Does this mean the license fee will reach new extortionate heights beyond the whopping £145.50?

Of which I'd like to know how much the BBC spend on parties, boats and champagne?

Is Aunty about to realise there's a big belt tightening excercise about to happen?

It'll be a big shock since she's sitting, in a corner, on the left for years stuffing herself with our money!

  Þ² 10:55 13 May 2010

she's been sitting

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 13 May 2010

For the price of a pint of beer per week you have access to the comprehensive Iplayer, all radio programmes for at least a week, 7+ radio stations & local ones, 6ish TV channels and a web site that is worth the licence fee on it's own. Stop moaning, start using.


  interzone55 12:15 13 May 2010

I'd much rather pay my licence fee and have BBC radio able to play any music it likes than have advertising on the radio so the stations are forced to play whatever music the sponsors feel is appropriate, which is then interrupted by 2 minutes of adverts every 10 minutes.

  Þ² 12:27 13 May 2010

I suggest you use your license fee to buy music then.

I don't watch the bbc or listen to radio, so it's a £145 wasted IMO, especially when it goes on absurd wages, boat parties and champagne.

My questions haven't been answered.

  bremner 13:44 13 May 2010

So it was the voters fault that we had to endure Joan Collins then ;o)

  WhiteTruckMan 14:03 13 May 2010

that doesn't excuse a cavalier attitude to spending what is after all public money. Excess staffing levels, corporate jollies and absurd 'star' wage bills are an insult.


  johndrew 14:11 13 May 2010

I totally agree.

One presenter (Terry Wogan I think) was once heard to comment whilst at the Song for Europe competition the BBC was "never knowingly under-represented" at such venues.

A bit like certain MPs "jollies" and expenses.

  mr simon 14:31 13 May 2010

But I think part of the license fee also goes to broadcasters besides the BBC.

It is expensive, and in any organisation you will have a level of wastage or irresponsible spending, but if the fee was optional, meaning you would only get the services if you pay the fee, I would pay it every time. As mentioned above it's great value for money, and I use at least one service every day. The fact that the fee is enforced doesn't bother me in the slightest. As G above said, you have to pay it so why not make the most out of it?

  interzone55 15:36 13 May 2010

£145 wouldn't get me the variety of music I get from listening to Mark Radcliffe in the evening, and I would also have to spend some money on buying DVDs to watch to replace all the TV programs I'd miss out on.

If you ask people from other countries they will all express envy for the BBC.

I'd like to see Sky struggle along if subscribers only paid £12 a month.

It seems many people on this forum are suffering from the "grass is always greener" syndrome. Their glasses aren't only half empty, but what's left is sour as well.

I'm seriously considering joining a Daily Mail forum just to cheer myself up...

  interzone55 15:41 13 May 2010

At the moment the Licence Fee only funds BBC TV & Radio, although Channel 4 may get some cash at some point.

Having said that, BBC Wales does make some programmes free of charge for S4C so you could say that this channel, which some times registers zero viewers, is partly licence fee funded...

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