Lib Dem leadership 'endorses' Clegg's Tory talks

  Uboat 19:49 08 May 2010

I think that if they come together the two parties "Tories/Lib Dems" will absolutley turn this country around!
i like Nick's attitude & his meanfullness to get the UK back rolling! & i also think Dave Cameron is more in touch with the people than Gb EVER was!
One other thing is they are young & BOTH see the country & its issues like the 24/7 Drinking law! thats going to be scrapped which labour created!

i cant in any way type what problems this law has cause my family & the people that live down my street! one end we have a Sainsburys that sells alcohol 24/7 & at the other end of our street is a cycle path to a estate! we have had so many issues that my neighbours are starting too move out! the local council aint intrested! people come down our street buy the beer then go back to the cycle path! but its what they do whilst they are coming to & from!..back to thread i wish DC & NC the VERY best of luck!

  Uboat 19:50 08 May 2010

Heres the link sorry i forgot it

click here

  morddwyd 20:08 08 May 2010

"issues like the 24/7 Drinking law"

I would prefer it if they dealt with UK wide issues such as Europe, immigration, defence etc. rather than things which just affect England, like licensing.

  Uboat 20:19 08 May 2010

morddwyd I do aggree there! but for me personaly this drinking law is making our lives hell! 3/4/5 am drinkers smashing car mirrors off or shouting/fighting,my drive been used as a toilet,Pizza boxes/kebabs smudged on car windows..all related to drinkers! before this law came in it was no where near as bad as this!

  peter99co 20:30 08 May 2010

click here

He seems a bit keen about PR hope he is is as keen about REAL issues as well.

  Al94 20:43 08 May 2010

The law is not the problem, it's the section of society in this country who can't handle it that is the problem.

Other European countries don't have restrictive licensing laws and while the natives don't seem to have a problem with it, the Brit tourists seem to!

  Uboat 20:52 08 May 2010

A194 ah but its since the law was passed all this has started! good point thou

  Strawballs 21:06 08 May 2010

To the Lib/dem's PR is VERY REAL!!!!!!

  john 52 21:16 08 May 2010

All I can say Uboat is watch out for a torpedo :-)

  WhiteTruckMan 22:05 08 May 2010

that it will all end in tears. 6-12 months before someone spits their dummy out, picks up their marbles and goes home.


  Forum Editor 22:44 08 May 2010

with the people than Gb EVER was!"

I bet you're one of the people who said that Obama was going to change the world, etc., etc. Lots of people thought that he would "absolutley turn his country around", but it doesn't seem to be working out that way.

'Dave' Cameron, as you call him, is a politician, and like all politicians he's irresistibly drawn to the glittering promise of power when he sees it. He'll jump through hoops to get the key to number 10 in his pocket, and Nick Clegg (whatever he might say to the contrary) will jump through some different hoops to bag a place in the cabinet.

What both of them have to do is - like oysters - find a way to coat the irritant of Proportional Representation with something smooth and soothing, so that they and their supporters feel comfortable with whatever kind of a pearl they come up with. David Cameron is giving off messages loud and clear,with his talk of giving ground.

My guess is that the two of them have already decided to try to make a go of it, and have left their respective teams to hammer out the boring details.

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