Leyland Paint?

  OTT_Buzzard 07:48 25 May 2009

Mrs Buzzard seems to have caught the "Bank Holiday Decorating" bug and is now wanting the hallway painted.

After a mistake in the past of buying Wickes Trade paint, I swore (and swore and swore) that I'd never buy anything but Dulux again, but now that push has come to shove I'm looking around again at more cost effective paints.

Has anyone used Leyland paints before? Screwfix are selling 2.5l of matt white for less than a tenner, almost half the price of Dulux.

Any thoughts welcome!

  laurie53 07:55 25 May 2009

A very old and trusted brand, but so was Woolworths!

They've probably been bought over a dozen times since I last used their products.

  BT 08:11 25 May 2009

Johnsons Paints are also very good.

I recently used some Tescos own brand white emulsion. Went on bare plaster like a dream. I'd bought it as a cheap option for the initial sealing coat but it was excellent paint, and half the price of Dulux.

  Pine Man 08:42 25 May 2009

I have always found that Crown emulsion usually covers in one coat whereas Dulux always needs two coats.

  birdface 08:45 25 May 2009

I would stick with Dulux.At least you know what it can do.I have tried Woolworths and Wilkinsons own Brands before and was sorry that I did.
Its a bit similar to putting a good anti-virus on to your computer or a poor one.It normally costs you extra in cash or effort putting the cheap one on.
Bank Holiday.Shop around and I am sure you will be able to buy it cheaper elsewhere.

  jack 08:50 25 May 2009

so called trade paints and regretted it.
A month ago 'I redid' no.2 bedroom after 20+ years
and elected for special mixes of Dulux- it went on fine - but as stated cost a fortune- but hey
I wont be doing that room again- and here is a bonus
B&Q[at any rate] will mix into the standard cans-
1, 2.5, or 5,litre, which ever way I did the size computations I was going to buy too much or too little- There is now enough left over for my daughter to do her living room-
So perhaps not so expensive after all.

  Quickbeam 09:11 25 May 2009

The paint thet Leyland cars used was crap and don't use Leylandii paint as the wall will quickly be too tall to reach the top with the brush.

  canarieslover 10:09 25 May 2009

I only once used Leyland paint and that was many years ago. I believe I bought it from B&Q and it must have been a Friday special in the paint factory. I started to paint with it and almost immediately noticed that the finish was not very smooth. As I had used a new brush I knew It wasn't me that ha introduced the "sandpaper" finish effect. Took the tin back and was given another one, but it must have been from the same batch as it was stiill the same. I swapped it for Dulux and had no more problems. It was probably something that slipped past their quality checks but I have never used their paint again.

  Stuartli 10:46 25 May 2009

Our property has been painted and decorated over the years with Dulux, Crown, Johnson's, Leyland and Colours from B and Q's own brand products.

All have proved pretty equal and able to stand up to the demands placed on them.

  Forum Editor 11:01 25 May 2009

are actually better than the retail versions. They are designed to help trade users make money, and contain a higher percentage of pigment.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:23 25 May 2009

Ok, thanks for all the replies!

I'm leaning towrds (click here|Colour|Whites|1&r_2=5|Finish|Matt|1&r_1=4|Brands|Crown|1&r_4=8|Size|10L|1)

Howeve, can anyone tell me what the difference is between (click here) and (click here). Aside from the price that is!!!

From what FE posted, is it likely that another few pounds is likely to avoid me having to do a second coat? The write up for them says that the Trade version is designed to be thinned. I'm assuming that it will just be water to do that? And does anyone have any ideas what kind a ratio would be suitable?

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