A Levels rise again!!!

  newman35 11:15 16 Aug 2007

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How can pass rates rise every year for 25 years and not be 'devalued'?

This is not to knock the present students, but simply saying that they and their teachers are working harder (each year for the past 25years) than we who sat these exams over 25 years ago, is surely an insult to us! WE must have got by with no studying at all, it would seem.

  Pine Man 11:21 16 Aug 2007

How can pass rates continue to rise and yet some of those that achieve these passes appear semi-illiterate.

Not wishing to detract from their successes but so many of these students still appear to have no understanding of grammar or spelling.

Does it not matter any more?

  Quickbeam 12:31 16 Aug 2007

What kind of pass rate could be expected, if the papers were marked to the expected standard of spelling and grammar of 50 years ago?

  Woolwell 13:50 16 Aug 2007

My educational advisor (my wife) who professionally is an educational advisor tells me that there isn't an easy answer to why the pass rates are higher.
In certain core parts of the subject eg Maths it may be easier but this could be down to what she calls "accessibility". I think that what she means by that is the ability to understand what the question wants as an answer. She has just gone out so I cannot clarify that.
The modular aspect of the exams may be a factor whereby pupils can re-take modules. I think that the exam results do not indicate the number of re-takes.
As for spelling and grammar - in certain subjects eg maths and science it is doubtful if this has changed the pass rates.

  Cymro. 13:52 16 Aug 2007

The press are on the whole a lazy lot. It is the height of the silly season and stories are few and far between. The press just reuse the same old stuff every year. Good luck to the youngsters I say. I am sure that they have all worked very hard for whatever results they get.

  45 Mart 14:03 16 Aug 2007

Well, my daughter has received her results this morning, and at the moment she is bouncing round the house. So if any reporter came in her vicinity and tried to devalue her results, he/she would be wearing the nearest tree.

To me, a slight percentage increase doesn't matter, and trying to find excuses for it is pathetic. I've watched my daughter over the last couple of years, and she has worked hard, as I would think, a hell of a lot of young people have.

To my daughter and everyone else who has received the results they worked for today, congratulations. Enjoy your future.

To everyone else, leave the kids alone, let them smile.

  newman35 15:29 16 Aug 2007

As I said originally, I wasn't intending this to be a criticism of the kids, but I worry over the system that is giving out more and more top-rate passes.
This will cause problems eventually when there are so many 'highly qualified' people wanting to do a finite number of academic-type jobs.
For example, parents who see their kids get such 'high' passes will not be thinking of them going into a 'trade' but will assume they are 'brain surgeon' material and will have much high expectations of them - adding pressure. Not always a good thing.

  45 Mart 15:45 16 Aug 2007

I would love to see, just once, the pass rates actually fall just slightly.

I can see the headlines now.

"British education system is a disgrace, falling standards, pathetic pass rate, sack all the teachers for not doing their jobs"

I wonder how many people can compare their jobs now to how they were done years ago, and say that their job is not easier.

  Cymro. 15:52 16 Aug 2007

Yes very true, the press would really have a field day about that.

  45 Mart 15:58 16 Aug 2007

5 rise or 5 fall.

Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't.

  45 Mart 15:58 16 Aug 2007

Sorry, try again

% rise or % fall

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