Letter from Vauxhall

  Ex plorer 14:31 12 Feb 2015

Vauxhall have requested that I contact them and still the legal owner of the Vauxhall Astra I own, It has my Registration Number on the letter that arrived in this mornings post.

A telephone number is supplied 01609 710386, is this a sales ploy has anyone else received a letter like this.

  mole1944 14:53 12 Feb 2015

Give them a ring could be a sales ploy,i expect it's a dealership,it could be a recall going on just ring the number after all you can always say no thanks and put the phone down.

  carver 17:09 12 Feb 2015

Check here for any recalls but think you will find that they are more interested in buying your car at a very good price, if you buy a new one from them.

  Ex plorer 17:29 12 Feb 2015

Give them a ring tomorrow, and let you know, sales ploy I bet. thanks for your replies.

  Ex plorer 14:19 13 Feb 2015

Rang Vauxhall Yes it was Northallerton Branch as mentioned, they wanted me to confirm that I was still the owner of said car and that was genuine request by Vauxhall.

Of course I was asked if I had thought about changing my car nothing pushy and thanked for my ringing.

  bumpkin 22:31 13 Feb 2015

Of course it is a sales ploy, you were fortunate not to get the hard sell. Why would Vauxhall care if you are owner or not

  mole1944 08:19 14 Feb 2015

Vauxhall like all motor manufactures like to keep up to date information on owners in case of recalls,i know because i worked for them at luton and retired in 2006 after 36 years service,and yes you'd expect the salesman to try to sell you another car.

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