Let's not ban anything!

  Sapins 09:12 24 May 2007

The recent threads on banning *activities* whilst driving made me think perhaps we could add/change some things to improve safety, automatic gearboxes, as WhiteTruckMan said, would be a start, I have had my first automatic box for the past 7 years, very reliable, just put it in drive and forget it, until you reverse or park, lol. I was always against these, must have a "manly" gearbox!,but, having used one I wish I had got one much earlier, driving is much safer and I get more pleasure from driving now.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:35 24 May 2007

I fail to see how an automatic gearbox makes a car safer.

  Sapins 10:48 24 May 2007

You are always in the correct gear and you do not have to physically change gear, much better approaching junctions etc; not as much delay as a manual box, so you can concentrate more on the road, and you have more relaxed driving.

  v1asco 10:49 24 May 2007

Mr Mistoffelees

Being a non-driver because of my lack of co-ordination I can certainly understand how changing gears can be distracting.

It is one more thing to do.

  The Brigadier 10:59 24 May 2007

I drive an automatic and i hate it, worse car i have ever bought.
When i bought it i was doing a lot of travelling upto London & sitting in heavy traffic it was easier.
It guzzles more fuel & is difficult to handle!

  donki 11:23 24 May 2007

Im sorry but if changing gears while driving is found to be distracting or "one more thing to do" you shouldnt be allowed to drive a car. I have drove an automatic car and if anything i didnt feel in control of it, lack of power when over taking (as you could not manually change down a gear). Like The Brigadier I found them difficult to handle. I dont agree with them being any safer at all.

  Sapins 11:30 24 May 2007

Can't understand lack of control! and my 406 has a "Sport" button, holds each gear to about 5500 revs, overtakes very well, you can also kick down on the accelerator but that is a bit slower, it also has a "Snow" button which holds the highest gear related to the speed, that also works well and on grass.

The less you have to do the more you can pay attention to the road and traffic, that's why it's safer.

  donki 11:43 24 May 2007

Bur does pushing all these buttons, not distract you? :P Changing gears to a driver should be an instict not sumting that takes any attention away from your eyes being on the road, I agree that if you do find it a distraction maybe a manual isnt for you, but this should be picked up at the test stage.

  jack 11:59 24 May 2007

When it comes to driving preference - Auto or Manual it is entirely subjective- When deciding try both
and pick the one you are happy with.
So may thing give drivers a twitch - driving position for example - some care have offset pedals - Seating
and all its manifestations - the car buyer simply has to try them all to find whats suits them of course it will be a compromise what ever decision is made.
The alternative- is to have a job as I had for the 10 years or so before I retired and several years thereafter which was to collect and deliver cars for a main dealer - you have seen us on the side of the road with red plates begging lifts -and after that for a car rental co., collecting delivering cars all day long swapping from Merc to Corsa and back to Nissan say, at the drop a hat
After a few years of that - I just got in a car and drove it to wherever - especially on the rental co where the change could happen every 10 -20 minutes- By late afternoon -if asked what car I was driving - could not answer without looking at the steering wheel boss.

  v1asco 17:45 24 May 2007

My feelings precisely, thats why I said I am a non-driver.
It is one more thing to do though,so it may distract at times. I have seen even the best drivers crunch gears, which upsets the them, which must be a distraction.

  p;3 18:20 24 May 2007

who/what do YOU think is 'in charge' when you are *driving *an automatic car?

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