Let's hope we don't miss out on this.

  Pine Man 13:48 31 Aug 2018

At last some sense is being shown by the EU but will miss out on this because we are leaving?

click here

  Quickbeam 19:38 31 Aug 2018

In = go on the auto spell...

  Govan1x 21:16 31 Aug 2018

Black painted cars. black was banned.

  bumpkin 21:54 31 Aug 2018

Black painted cars. black was banned.


  Quickbeam 07:50 01 Sep 2018

There must be an exemption for drug dealers in Range Rovers....

  Aitchbee 19:43 01 Sep 2018

Many horserace meetings especially National Hunt [over the jumps] change their start times accordingly when the clocks go back an hour in October. So instead of starting at 2pm and finishing at 4.30pm they start at 1pm and finish at 3.30pm, for example.

I reckon the proposed changes will have serious detrimental financial consequences and may even put many bookmaking firms out of business ;o)

  canarieslover 21:04 02 Sep 2018

A day is 24 hours long and whatever you do cannot affect that. All you can do is decide how you want to utilise them. To me I would rather have the longer useful time of an evening and so would prefer Summer Time all year round. I do accept that others have different ideas about it, but we would probably need another referendum to decide what we would end up with. Cloxit maybe?

  bumpkin 21:38 02 Sep 2018

Can we not do what we like with our time standards in the UK.What has it to do with anybody else.

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