Let's hope we don't miss out on this.

  Pine Man 13:48 31 Aug 2018

At last some sense is being shown by the EU but will miss out on this because we are leaving?

click here

  bumpkin 16:12 31 Aug 2018

Once we have left I would have thought we could change it ourselves should we wish.

  Matt. 17:17 31 Aug 2018

I remember this because of having to fit bike lights when doing a paper round
the newsagent used to check our lights worked each day

  Quickbeam 17:17 31 Aug 2018

Not at all bumpkin, we'll be far too proud to adopt it because the EU thought of it!

  Quickbeam 17:22 31 Aug 2018

It's a complete pain to do all the daylight saving stuff twice a year. I've argued for this for years, dump GMT and stay on BST!

Can anyone remember the 2 winters, 68/9 where we de this, but reverted to faff time in 1970?

  Matt. 17:39 31 Aug 2018

Can anyone remember the 2 winters, 68/9 where we de this, but reverted to faff time in 1970?

Yes I had forgotten that....

No wait a minute I posted earlier about it. sorry my short term memory must be playing up :-)

  bumpkin 17:52 31 Aug 2018

QB, we have tried it before. I can't see that it matters that much anyway whichever system we use.

  geoff96 18:24 31 Aug 2018

Lets remember the time difference for sunrise from London to central Scotland is about 50 minutes, so even longer for farther north. If sunrise in London is 8.04 then it's 8.52 in Glasgow on the 1st of January. So if daylight5 saving was scrapped it would be near 10 am for sunrise in Scotland.

Better to keep the status quo.

  Quickbeam 18:44 31 Aug 2018

Scotland can have it's own time zone if BST doesn't suit... they're leaving the UK anyway...

I was in school in Scotland, Dunfermline, at that time and remember it well, morning break was also daybreak. The reason given was that the road accident rate went up sharply in the morning, but kids are driven to the gates today so that's not relevant now.

I'd sooner have the extra hour of daylight in the evening in December.

  Govan1x 18:54 31 Aug 2018

There were more accidents on the road especially to schoolchildren when they tried it before as they were going to school or coming home from school when it was still dark.

Not long after that they stopped making black cars as they were harder to see when it got darker.

it was not successful when it was tied out before so cant see the point of having a rerun of it.

  Quickbeam 19:36 31 Aug 2018

You either in to school in the dark, or in home in the dark. Take your pick.

'they stopped making black cars',???

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